(Motorsport-Whole.com) – As part of an official Renault film day, Fernando Alonso looked forward to his full-time comeback in the Formula 1 season this Tuesday 2021 agreed. On his home track, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, he put his hand behind the wheel of the RS for the first time 20.

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Fernando Alonso returned to the Formula 1 car in Barcelona on Tuesday Zoom Download

“The feeling battle great “, Alonso sums up his first 39 kilometers and admits: “The car shows me where it’s going in 2nd. I can’t get the most out of it yet, because getting used to the pace of Formula 1 again isn’t that easy. But I was able to improve from lap to lap and I have tries to give the engineers feedback. “

The test day was so special for the Spaniard because it brings back memories of his beginnings in the premier class. Because 20 years ago Alonso had his first real Formula 1 – Use, and in the same place.

Alonso thinks back to the first Formula 1 take a look at

“I remember my first take a look at with Benetton in the year 2000 in Barcelona. Now I am returning 20 Years after that first take a look at the same racetrack. ” In December 1999 he drove a Benetton Playlife B for two days 200 in Barcelona, ​​then at the side of the regular driver Giancarlo Fisichella.

However, it was not Alonso’s first kilometers in a Formula 1 car, as he had exactly one year earlier, in December 1999, had completed a short run in Jerez with Minardi. The Spaniard had his most recent Formula 1 experience when he spent two days in Bahrain in April 2019 drove a Renault-powered McLaren for a long time.

On Tuesday he sat in the current RS for the first time 20. Also one of the last opportunities “where the identity of the car bears the Renault brand, because that will change next year,” notes Alonso. Then the racing team will compete in Formula 1 under the name Alpine.

Already at every race weekend

“I think the car has potential. We see that every weekend. But there is still room for improvement,” said the Spaniard. He is also otherwise involved in every Mountainous Prix, albeit remotely: “I can both Esteban and Daniels onboard and I have access to radio communication, the debriefs and strategy meetings. So I know exactly what happens every weekend.”

Photo gallery: Fernando Alonso tests the Renault RS 20

Asked about the difference to the cars that he last saw at the Dakar and the Indy 500, the Formula 1 returner admits that it couldn’t be bigger. “But with Formula 1 it’s a little easier because I have 18 Years of experience. “

” Of course, it is true that the braking points are not yet right. You first have to get used to the speed, the braking pressure and the cornering speed. But it will be less Take up time as if you had to get used to something completely new, like the Dakar or Indy “, explains the 39 – year olds.

Preparations with Renault continue

In order to gain a foothold again, he wants to continue working on himself and with the team over the next few weeks and months. In addition to things like adjusting the seat, steering wheel and pedals as well as working with the engineers, the focus is on fitness.

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“Especially the neck, the upper part of the body needs to be strengthened,” says Alonso. “Now the neck feels good after 20 kilometers, but tomorrow I’ll know more. Maybe I’ll be in a little pain. ” Also used to be his expectations for the comeback season, he remains cautious.

“We all have high expectations, also given the progress made this year. But we have to be realistic. We know that the deficit of the midfield groups due to the rules will persist in the next year. But we have a lot of obvious energy and are optimistic. We have a great team with talented people. So the ingredients are right. “

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