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13. 10. 2020

The Mugello Circuit battle to the delight of the pilots for the first time since 2014 part of the BOSS GP tour plan again. It was only a few weeks ago that Formula 1 took place in Mugello for the first time. In contrast to the sunshine back then, rain, lightning and thunder dominated the action this time. But the BOSS GP pilots did an outstanding job and managed to keep their powerful Formula 1, Formula 2 and Auto-GP cars under control even in difficult conditions.

Race 1

Behind the Austrian Ingo Gerstl (winner OPEN classification, Team Top Trek) in the Toro Rosso F1, Luca Martucci (ITA, MM Worldwide) and Marco Ghiotto (ITA, Scuderia Palladio) fought an epic duel for victory in the FORMULA. In lap 1 Ghiotto first passed Martucci, who returned the favor after a few tentative attempts at over 300 km / h on Inaugurate target. But the duel was not over yet, from now on Marco followed only a few meters behind and he tried again to pass Luca. But it was no longer enough for the league leaders, instead Martucci’s team had reason to cheer this time. It was the first victory ever for the tall Italian in the BOSS GP Racing Sequence, and what a victory! Marc Faggionato (MCO, Zig-Zag) crossed the finish line in class 3.

Race 2

Andreas Fiedler (DEU, Fiedler Racing) in the Dallara-GP2 delivered in the An exciting duel for victory with Nicolas Matile (MCO, Zig-Zag) in an Auto-GP-Lola sprayed on Sunday. Both drivers gave everything to win the race and were sometimes only centimeters apart in the Fling. Finally, Fiedler fended off all attacks by Matiles and took his first BOSS GP overall victory. But Nicolas was also happy with second place and his best BOSS GP result so far. For the second time this year, Salvatore de Plano (ITA, Coloni) got on the podium in the Auto GP.


After the two races in Mugello, the decisions in the championship were made: Ingo Gerstl (OPEN) and Marco Ghiotto (FORMULA) defend their title from last year. The top three in the big class are decided by Benetton driver Ulf Ehninger (DEU, ESBA Racing) and Jaguar driver Riccardo Ponzio (ITA, Adriatica Opponents). Overall rank 2 in the FORMULA goes to Luca Martucci. Ghiotto’s team-mate Walter Steding (DEU, Scuderia Palladio) came in sensationally third.

In November, the BOSS GP Racing Sequence will end the season at the Adria Raceway.


Ingo Gerstl, BOSS GP OPEN champion 2020: “We are happy to have staged four full racing weekends this year. I would like to thank the entire organization on site at the tracks and my team that we can also use this unique racing format in the year 2020 could enable. For the drivers, their teams and their companions, the time at the racetracks was a welcome distraction in an otherwise difficult year. ”

Marco Ghiotto, BOSS GP FORMULA champion 2020: “I would like to thank everyone who helped me win BOSS GP for the second year in a row – especially of course the Nardi Racing Team. I dedicate this victory to the person I miss the most and I wish he was here to celebrate with usaallen: my father Carlo Ghiotto! “

Luca Martucci, premiere winner: “Unbelievable. Finally! At the right time in the right place, it worked out to win. Unfortunately we couldn’t perform on Sunday as we had presented usadas. ”

Andreas Fiedler, overall winner of the race 2: “I didn’t even want to drive when it was raining so much. Fortunately, I then decided to go to the inaugurate. We had a lot of work to do, I was slipping and traversing the whole time and just tried to keep the car on the track. “

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