(Motorsport-Complete.com) – With his triumph in the Eifel at the past Formula 1 weekend, Lewis Hamilton won Michael Schumacher’s record of 620 Good Prix victories discontinued. And with six races left this season, you don’t have to be a prophet to know that he will soon set a new record himself.

Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton has become quite clear in the course of the corona pandemic Zoom Accumulate

For the Mercedes driver himself, none of this is really tangible. But at home – the next Good Prix will not take place until 25 . October in Portugal – he wants to take the time to process the whole thing. “I will definitely do that,” said Hamilton.

With this he builds on the last few months: “I think that this year with this pandemic has been a year of learning. And I definitely had a lot of time for myself and a lot of time at home in my bladder, on the one hand used to be wasn’t always the best, but then there is time to think and to be really present. “

Hamilton: “Also part of the contract discussion”

“In the past,” believes the Formula 1 world champion, “life was just so fast. You jump from one race to the next, from one event to the next, and it was a far too fast life.” That’s exactly what he wants to leave behind.

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Der Kanada-Grand-Prix 2007 und der erste Siegerschampus: Alle halten es für eine Frage der Zeit, bis Hamilton sein erstes Formel-1-Rennen gewinnt. Die erste Pole-Position in Montreal ist ein Anfang. Als im Rennen hinter ihm das Chaos ausbricht und Robert Kubica (BMW) verunglückt, bleibt der 23-Jährige Hamilton cool wie Hundeschnauze ...

The Canada Good Prix 2007 and the first champion campus: Everyone thinks it’s a matter of time before Hamilton wins his first Formula 1 race. The first pole map in Montreal is a start. When chaos breaks out behind him in the race and Robert Kubica (BMW) has an accident, the 23 – Year old Hamilton frigid like a dog’s snout … Photo gallery

“If Hopefully this thing goes past united states, I don’t want to go back to what was used to be before. That will also be part of the discussion when I sign this contract at some point, “says Hamilton, referring to his contract extension at Mercedes, which is still on

His team boss Toto Wolff also recognized during the break caused by Corona, “that time is something that you never get back, and family is everything,” emphasizes the world champion. But the Brit also knows that the next few weeks will demand a lot from him and the team.

Despite the title fight Enjoy winning record somehow

“Yes, I will use the next few days on every tumble to really try to achieve this record understand. But used to be I can’t do is drop the ball. What I can’t do is take my eye off the ball for a second. We have these great wins but the championship is still to come . “

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The work has not yet been done: “So coaching will continue to play an important role, nutrition will continue to be important, proper sleep.” In addition, there are still a lot of talks and Zoom meetings, Hamilton reveals.

“These are calls that I have with Formula 1 about all of their plans. I have many calls from the Commission which I continue to run every week. I will be back in work mode and this second will pass very quickly. And because I have a bad memory, I have to hold onto it somehow. “


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