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After studying a fresh thread about how wretched Daniel used to be in 2018 i chanced on a rather ancient submit and conception I might maybe well fragment it because i obtain it deserves its respect submit.

We all know Dan used to be wretched in 2018. Nevertheless i genuinely didnt realise he used to be this wretched and i obtain this brings to gentle why he failed to beat Max in 2018 after beating him in 2016 and 2017. Max used to be riding big after monaco, no query about it. Nevertheless dan by no device genuinely had a possibility to compete.

In distinction Max most inviting had 2 no longer at fault Dnfs, 2 FP classes the establish his automobile did no longer permit him to determine on half and 1 lend a hand of the grid initiate up.


Abstract 8 DNFs, 6 Aid of grid or huge grid drops, More than one qualifying disasters, Points in mutiple FP classes which maintain an designate on weekend preparation, 2 Races running decrease Spec ICE (20bhp down on spec a)


Australia3 Yell grid penalty

Bahrain – Scoot – DNF – Battery Failure

China – FP3 – Instruments field misfortune with complete engine turbo failure. Misses FP3 with qual device up heavily affected.

Baku – Scoot – DNF – Collision with Verstappen forces Ricciardo to retire. Racing incident.

Monaco – Scoot- RIC – MGU-K failure

Canada – FP2 – Vitality unit misfortune, missus 60% of session

France – Scoot – entrance cruise failure For the length of trot. Say no longer recognized unless submit trot. Heavy tire deg

Austria – Scoot -DNF – RIC lack of Third device with MGU-okay Failure

Britain – Qual – DRS failure for the length of Qualification

Germany – Prerace – RIC takes original engine for weekend and incurs paunchy grid pen (1st Occasion)

Germany – Prerace – Forced to Speed Spec A ICE – 15-20 BHP down on B spec that Verstappen is running

Germany – Q – Would no longer make a selection half in Q2 penalty

Germany – R – DNF – MGU-okay failure – fifth device misplaced resulting from nature of track (subsequently decision to determine on penalty) and Vettel retirement

Hungary – Prerace – RIC – Forced to Speed Spec A ICE – 15-20 BHP down on B spec that Verstappen is running

Hungary – Qual – RIC – RBR send RIC out tiring wherein heavy rain starts leaving RIC out of Q3

Spa – FP1 – RIC missus session with engine injector misfortune

Spa – Scoot – DNF – RIC retires resulting from collision past his regulate.

Monza – Prerace – RIC takes original engine for weekend and incurs paunchy grid pen (2nd Occasion)

Monza – Q- RIC would no longer make a selection half in Q2 resulting from original engine (Spec C)

Monza – Scoot – DNF – Grab failure – Sixth device misplaced

Singapore – All Lessons – Spec C engine clipping factors.

Russia – FP1 – RIC suffers automobile misfortune lacking 70% of session

Russia – Qual – Engine Penalty, Forced to initiate up at lend a hand of Grid (Third instance)

Russia- Scoot – Debris on first lap damages entrance cruise of Ricciardo causing high tire deg affecting tremendously trot tempo

Japan – Qual – RIC – Throttle actuator failure – Misses Qualification.

Japan – Scoot – Aid of grid initiate up resulting from reliability (4th instance)

USA – RACE- DNF – Battery Failure

Mexico – RACE – DNF – Grab Bearing failure, Launch tool take hold of misfortune

Brazil – Qual – +5 Yell (Sixth instance of Grid fall) grid fall resulting from original turbo charger substitute

Abu-Dhabi – FP3 – Misses half of FP3 with Water leak.

Abu-Dhabi – Scoot – Immoral map in trot leaves him out looking forward to safety automobile that might maybe well by no device near.

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