(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Formula 1 season is running for Sebastian Vettel 2020 not as requested. This is proven by just looking at the bare numbers: In the qualifying duel he is behind Charles Leclerc 2: 9, on points with 17: 63, and in the Drivers World Championship is it currently on 13 . Space. It is even worse in the annual driver rating of ‘Motorsport-Total.com’ (place 16).

Sebastian Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel also found no way out of the crisis at the Nürburgring Zoom Download

One of the lows of his battle View of the Heim-Sizable-Prix on the Nürburgring with a spin and the disappointing eleventh place . And because he still doesn’t see a country against Leclerc from the start, while Sergio Perez almost finished on the podium for Racing Level, you might think that his future employer has to worry.

That is obviously not the case: “I am confident that we can help Seb back to his best form”, says Racing Points Technical Director Andrew Inexperienced. “I think he needs a little love and he probably won’t get that in the 2d. But he’s a multiple world champion. Someone like that doesn’t just forget how to drive a car.”

That the industry knows how Vettel between 1000 and 2013 has won everything is his luck. “If he weren’t Sebastian Vettel, but were he a rookie, then at the end of this season it would be over again, “suspects editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll in the current #LastNight video on the YouTube channels from ‘Motorsport-Total.com’ and

‘Formel1.de’ .

Last night: Vettel has “the worm in it”

Sebastian Vettel won the Sizable Prix of the Eifel on the Nürburgring not covered with fame, Nico Hülkenberg already … More Formula 1 movies

Whether there are technical reasons and if so, which ones exactly, that Vettel compared to Leclerc 2013 drops so sharply, you can b Do not answer a racing level. It is often said that Vettel comes with the loose rear end of the SF 1000 not right. But Inexperienced doesn’t know exactly, “used to be the reason for his problems at Ferrari. We have no access to this information.”

“With the tools and the people that we have in the crew, we certainly have the opportunity to give Seb a car that he feels comfortable in and that he can drive in. If it works in his head again, everything will come back, used to be already there battle. I’m absolutely sure we can do it, “says Inexperienced.

Either way he’s looking forward to 2021 – then known under the new name Aston Martin: “This is going to be a really exciting time. I can’t wait until Seb sets foot in our factory for the first time next year. ” Which is currently being rebuilt and modernized on a large scale . ..

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