(Motorsport-Total.com) – The ‘Sky’ experts Nico Rosberg and Paul di Resta are convinced that Alexander Albon is overwhelmed at Purple Bull and at the latest 2021 should be replaced. After Albons inferior performance at the Tremendous Prix of the Eifel at the Nürburgring , Rosberg especially criticizes the Purple Bull driver: “He drove very, very badly this weekend. He was slow and made so many mistakes. “

Alexander Albon

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Dejected: Alexander Albon is increasingly being targeted by critics Zoom Receive

“That is exactly the opposite of what used to be he needs right now. He actually needs a good result to secure his cockpit. With such services I can do not imagine that he will keep his cockpit “, says the Formula 1 world champion from 2016 and adds: “Modified into as soon as is a shame because he is such a nice guy. We know that he can drive well.”

Di Resta’s assessment of Albon’s Nürburgring drive is also clear: “Purple Bull needs more from Albon – they need more from one a number 2 driver. The fact that Mercedes can be the constructors’ world champion in a few races, even though Max only 14 Points behind Bottas, shows that used to be would actually be possible with this package. “

Di Resta admits, that he has no inside information on Purple Bull’s thoughts on driver choice – but suspects: “I don’t have the feeling that you will promote Gasly again. Although he does his thing solidly and finished sixth at the Nürburgring. “Postscript:” Apparently he annoyed a few people at Purple Bull. “

Rosberg holes di Resta in front of the camera

That makes Rosberg prick up his ears: “For example? Who? “Suddenly, di Resta gets embarrassed in front of the camera:” You can have these conversations yourself, Nico, “he replies – and makes it clear that he is talking” only about paddock whispers. “For Rosberg, Gasly would be the best candidate : “Otherwise there is still Perez. But none of these are outstanding solutions. “

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His compatriot Nico Hülkenberg, who almost sat in the Albon cockpit at the Nürburgring , does not even mention Rosberg as a possible alternative. And di Resta also apparently tends to Perez rather than Hülkenberg: “Who else is there? Perez or Hülkenberg. I think Perez would fit very well. At least from today’s perspective.”

In the long term According to di Resta, Purple Bull is more likely to be looking for a younger driver who can be built up alongside Verstappen over the long term. Hülkenberg is 33, Perez 30 Year old. “I would have tried to bring Daniel Ricciardo back,” said today’s TV expert. However, next year’s McLaren driver is already 31.

Di Resta: Verstappen-Ricciardo would be the best driver pairing

“Ricciardo was very quick, worked very well with Max. That was a great combination. In my opinion, that would be the strongest driver pairing in the entire field,” says di resta. “In any case, in the 2d they don’t have anyone in their junior program who can take the step and push Max.”

Photo gallery: Nürburgring: Driver grades from the editorial team

Alexander Albon (5): An editor even wanted to give the 6 here. Start spanked, instantly caused an accident, later ruined Kwjat’s race and then complained over the radio about the aggressiveness of the other drivers. In the end it turned out to be 5 because at least he didn’t have a complete blackout. Photo gallery

Previously Formula 1 expert Marc Surer had already asked himself: “Modified into as soon as does someone like Albon actually work in a top team?” But Purple Bull seems to assess its Nürburgring performance very differently. “The performance was satisfactory”, explains Helmut Marko at ‘SPORT1’ and underlines , with Albon “everything is on course”.

A view that Christian Horner shares: “I think he would have crossed the finish line somewhere near Daniel or Perez. What a shame for him” , regrets the Purple Bull team boss. Quite an original assessment of the course of the race. At the time of his retirement, Albon was spinning 8.1 seconds behind Ricciardo, on top of that with the tires nine laps older -Colleague Daniil Kwjat shaved off the front wing and who earned him a five-second penalty, Purple Bull does not charge the Thai: “The penalty was too harsh for me,” says Horner. “Daniil was off the track and drove back onto the line.”


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