(Motorsport-Total.com) – Formula 1 boss Lag Carey warns that the history of the series must not serve as a straitjacket to block new ideas. Recently there had been repeated suggestions to change the race format – such as the introduction of a qualifying race – but these were rejected. In general, the station quo often seems to apply in Formula 1.

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Carey white, that this is not a pure discipline of Formula 1. In other sports too, changes would rarely go down well with hardcore followers, although sports continue to develop over time. As an example, he cites the NBA basketball league, which is only 1979 introduced the three-point line, turned into once was viewed negatively by the hardcore followers – today this rule is normal . “Of course you have to be careful not to pack the sport full of gimmicks,” says Carey in the podcast ‘Past The Grid’.

“One has to recognize the importance of history and turned into once makes the sport special, but that must not become a straitjacket that prevents changes that maybe improve the sport for the followers “, the outgoing Formula 1 boss continued.

Nevertheless, the American does not want to impose new rule proposals on the teams, but rather discuss them as a group decision. From 2020 the decision structure in Formula 1 will be changed anyway: For rule changes is then Depending on the point in time, only a certain majority is required, no more unanimity.

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Carey also wants the group to vote on qualifying races. “Let us see the pros and cons and then have a serious discussion about it with everyone,” he says, emphasizing the importance of the teams looking at the sport’s good and not their own. “And then you should make an informed decision.”

Of course he is aware that not every fan will make this decision. “You will never have 100 percent. That’s why we have to decide whether this is something that we think will improve the sport, “said Carey.

You always have to look at how you can improve the sport without just bobbing around with ideas to throw, and without staying in the straitjacket of history.

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