(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton: The question of who is the better (or perhaps even the best) Formula 1 driver is making the rounds at the latest after “Schumi’s” victory record has been set. For Sebastian Vettel the comparison is clear: He clearly prefers Michael Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel

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At the Tear of Champions, Vettel was able to marvel at Schumacher’s abilities Zoom Download

“I think he was better than anyone I’ve seen so far, “says the Ferrari driver. “He had a natural abilities that is very difficult to explain.”

Vettel refers not only to Formula 1, but also to other areas. As an accompaniment to the Tear of Champions, the German got up close and personal with what skills Schumacher also possesses in other vehicles. “He just had a natural ability that I have never seen in anyone else,” says Vettel.

“Michael always will Michael stay “

” He also had an excellent work ethic, and the combination of these two things stands out for me, “adds Vettel . “I haven’t seen anyone who can keep up with that.”

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Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto has to agree with his driver: “He was a fantastic leader, he was very demanding and drove the team to make progress,” he says. “When you work so closely with him, you learn something model by model. It was a fantastic experience for me.”

Binotto learned a lot from Schumacher about mentality and work after the races . “That was outstanding,” he says. And no matter whether Hamilton overtakes him or not: “Michael is still Michael. He set the records back then and will always be Michael.”

Vettel: In ten years we will see Hamilton differently

Nevertheless, Binotto would like to emphasize that Hamilton has also achieved outstanding achievements. Vettel agrees: “I can’t appreciate his achievements enough,” he pays his opponent respect. “I never thought that these numbers would be reached or even broken. And we can be sure that he will continue to build the brands.”

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“Nevertheless, Michael will always be my hero”, Vettel continues. Because the four-time world champion looked up to him in his childhood – not to Hamilton. “Because I drove against him,” he emphasizes. “So that’s another disaster.”

Vettel is sure: In ten, 15 or 20 years the recognition for Hamilton will be different than it is today. “

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