(Motorsport-Total.com) – Two Ferrari Juniors would have made their debut on a Formula 1 racing weekend at the Eifel Colossal Prix on the Nürburgring and that Should deny Friday training. But both Mick Schumacher at Alfa Romeo and Callum Ilott at Haas were only spectators: The bad weather at the Nürburgring completely prevented the driving on Friday, Schumacher and Ilott left without having achieved anything.

Callum Ilott

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Callum Ilott: Formula 1 premiere on the race weekend postponed for the time being Zoom Acquire

“You’re looking forward to it. Then of course it’s disappointing, also for us,” says Haas team boss Günther Steiner. “We had a lot of things prepared for that would be able to drive in order to be prepared as well as possible. But then it didn’t work. “

And whether there is a new likelihood is not yet clear. Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto interpreted the Schumacher case but already to: If so, then probably only at the Formula 1 final in Abu Dhabi , because the respective regular drivers need the Friday time more urgently. And for Ilott similar signs could apply as for Schumacher.

Haas team boss: Ferrari makes the decision

Steiner, however, states that he has not yet fixed anything: “I have not yet spoken to Ferrari about their plans. But of course we also have to look at what we intend to use to be. Too many races no longer follow. That’s why we have to talk to [Ferrari-Sportdirektor] Laurent [Mekies] and Mattia whether they want to catch up on it and whether it fits us into the stuff. “

Because Ilott was deprived of the Friday trip through no fault of his own, “you have to give him a second likelihood immediately,” says Steiner. “You can hardly say ‘bad luck’. But it’s not up to me, it also depends on Ferrari. I won’t make the decision there. “

He just thinks: Ilott at least laid certain foundations during his Haas visit to the Nürburgring, so that at a later point in time to catch up on the Friday trip even better prepared.

Why not everything is lost

“Every experience in a Formula 1 Personnel is valuable, of course not as much as sitting in the car and driving. But if he gets another chance, then at least he knows the processes, the people and the like, “says Steiner.

Ilott is also allowed to work with them Get a taste of Formula 1 air as a Haas guest at the two upcoming Grands Prix. “That has a value, but a reduced one. But anyone who comes out of Formula 2 is well prepared and knows used to be expected in Formula 1. “

” It’s just that : Having the experience [im Formel-1-Auto] is something different than just reading about it or hearing about it, “says Steiner.” And if he gets his opportunity later in the year, it wouldn’t be a waste of time. ”

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