Reasonably bit about who he is from his blog (trimmed down – the total legend is much more longer and attention-grabbing – so pause droop to his blog in expose for you to know him more):

  • He began existence as a lavatory-cleaning supervisor in Safire Theatre, Madras. Alongside with this, his segment time job was cleaning the roads within the Boat Membership Quandary each day, and pulling a handcart to gather and dispose off the garbage from your entire homes.

  • In 1970, he went on to create Ejji Repairs Contracts, the main building cleaning service company in India. In 1971, he founded Ejji Home Services, an organization, which employed electricians, plumbers, carpenters, motor, pump, and bore effectively mechanics providing products and services on name, all over again the main of its form in India. He quit industry existence on the tip of his occupation in 1991 because he wished to do his dwelling true for 20 working years.

  • Since 1991 Ejji lives his existence doing exactly what he desires and when he desires. After that, his calling listed his occupation as “Rat Scurry Runner (Retd.)”. Now since 2011, having loved retired existence for a protracted time, his calling card lists his occupation as “Congenital Sybarite”.

  • Ejji is a collector of vintage vehicles. He loves fleet vehicles and was a flee car racer in his younger days. He has participated within the 1st. INDIA ASEAN CAR RALLY 2004 from India to Indonesia, riding 8000 plus km. thru 9 countries.

  • He was the top Indian Team on the BUDAPEST BAMAKO CAR RALLY 2007, a Trans-Europe and Trans-Africa rally from Hungary, thru Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania and Mali. He has additionally traveled to Timbuktu in whine that if somebody tells him “GET LOST TO TIMBUKTU”, he can safely answer, “I’ve already been there!”

  • Since March 2011, Ejji has been invited to work as the DEPUTY SECRETARY FORMULA 1 INDIAN GRAND PRIX. He was trained within the administration of System One Races at diverse venues and is proud to had been associated with this ancient occasion for the three years when India hosted the System One Broad Prix. 

  • Ejji was one of the privileged few who had been on Katchal Islands, (test an atlas to rep it out!), within the needless of evening on 31st. December 1999 to interrogate “THE MILLENIUM SUNRISE”. Ejji has a non-public library with uncommon books, motion photographs and song of each fashion.

  • Most folks judge Ejji is eccentric. Nonetheless essentially based totally on Ejji, he is simplest diverse from others, since to him customary is tedious. His philosophy in existence, “LIVE! DON’T EXIST!”

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