Ever since Lewis Hamilton set a record for the number of Formula 1 victories, there have been ongoing debates about who is the best F1 racer of all time. With 91. wins Brit is now tied with Michael Schumacher, but not everyone is looking at the statistics. Former racer Gerhard Berger has a completely different opinion about who is the best so far.

In an interview with Speedweek.com, Berger was asked which of the two he thinks is the best of all time: Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton? His answer: “Ayrton Senna.”

“For me, it’s still Ayrton,” Berger says. “He died young, but at the time he had all the records in his hands. I think Ayrton would become a world champion many more times, but then the statistics would look different. I saw all three racing in F1, I raced with some of them. He’s the best driver I’ve ever seen. “

Nevertheless, Berger would like Formula 1 records to remain in Schumacher’s hands. “I would like Michael to remain the most successful driver in history for a long time to come, simply because of his destiny. It’s so tragic that you have to cry almost every time you think about it, ” said Berger.

“Hamilton is an exceptional driver, he has proven countless times that he deserves this title. This is a battle between two giants that we will be discussing for years to come. They are both at the top, you can’t say who is better.

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