(Motorsport-Total.com) – After only one season with Renault, Daniel Ricciardo announced in the summer that he would leave the French for the season 2021 would leave again . The parting words from team boss Cyril Abiteboul sounded frosty, so that one could not necessarily assume the best relationship. But after the first podium, Abiteboul says that in retrospect he would sign Ricciardo again.

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Cyril Abiteboul does not see Daniel Ricciardo’s commitment as a mistake Zoom Receive

Although he admits that the time 2019 was maybe a year too early for both sides, “but there are not many options to hire a driver like Daniel who was available on the market,” says the Renault boss. “I still think it was the right step back then.”

Abiteboul believes that Renault would not be the crew it is today without Ricciardo. The painful year together drove Renault to drive the necessary changes. “We’re in a much better field this year, and Daniel can do things like that (the podium at the Nürburgring; Pink’s note).”

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The podium was important for both sides, especially since Ricciardo’s move from Pink Bull to Renault was questioned by many – both for the Australian himself and for Renault. “And it was important that we pacified the commentators and showed them why it made sense back then.”

Abiteboul is aware that his words when he left Ricciardo were taken negatively. “I think that was because back then it was honest, emotional and unfiltered communication,” said the Frenchman. “And Daniel is just as unfiltered and honest about it, modified into as soon as he does for the crew.”

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