(Motorsport-Total.com) – The operators of the Nürburgring dream of one day racing Formula 1 on the Nordschleife again. But even if such an ambitious project should be tackled concretely, there is one guiding principle above all: “The Nordschleife must stay as it is!”


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This Nürburgring press spokesman Alexander Gerhard makes the announcement in an exclusive interview with Christian Nimmervoll ( “Formula 1 internal with Christian Nimmervoll” follow on Facebook! ), which is only available as a full-length video (33: 37 minutes) can be called up (for example in the embedded video player or on the YouTube channels from Motorsport-Total.com and Formel1.de ).

The dream of Formula 1 comeback on the Nordschleife divides die-hard motorsport fans. On the one hand, there are many who would welcome such a project. The international appeal of such an event would be enormous. On the other hand, many fear that the adjustments to current Formula 1 standards could distort the character of the Nordschleife.

But Gerhard makes it clear: “The characteristics of the Nordschleife are so unique, that’s ours greatest good. It is a bad idea to think about changing the characteristics. ” At the same time, in his opinion, there are points that could be adapted without changing the character of the route. What exactly he means by that, he reveals in the video interview.

Discussion with everyone involved would be necessary

The dream of Formula 1 on the Nordschleife will “continue to be lived”, says Gerhard. But: “For that you would have to get everyone around the table for initial discussions. Because Formula 1 has its own requirements, the FIA ​​has its own requirements, the Nürburgring has its own requirements.”

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There are also problems that are unique in the world: “The Nürburgring is not the owner of land around the Nordschleife on all sites,” explains Gerhard and emphasizes: ” To tackle this work, you really have to feel the desire from everyone involved that you can imagine that Formula 1 will return to the Nordschleife. “

But that has never been the case so far. Which begs the question: Wouldn’t it be time for the Nürburgring to proactively knock on those involved to determine whether they are interested in such a bold vision or not? So far it has always been with media speculation.

Nordschleife also an “added value in communication”

But Gerhard emphasizes that the topic was discussed two years ago: “Of course, the topic was included in the discussions. Because we naturally want to position united states of american in talks in such a way that we show what the Nürburgring has to offer once. “

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“And back then that struggle What once we were able to offer, not of a financial nature, because we didn’t want that either, and of course we included the Nordschleife as a unique product worldwide – which in the end also means added communication value for Formula 1. At that time that was not discussed further. “

” But that doesn’t mean that this dream doesn’t live on on our side, “says Gerhard. It was only at the Correct Prix in the Eifel that he heard from several Formula 1 drivers: “It would be nice if we could turn hyperlinks.”

“Perhaps this question will be sent to united states of America brought forward: ‘What about the Nordschleife?’ So the dream definitely lives on at united states of america. But it is not the case that there have been such serious discussions about it that one can now speak of plans. It is indeed a dream, “he explains.


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