Lewis Hamilton is a six-time Formula 1 world champion and one of the richest athletes in history of the sport. In 2018 the Briton  signed the most lucrative contract in the history of motorsport, and his assets are estimated at approximately 300 million of dollars.

Hamilton is the highest paid racer in the Formula 1 grid, with an annual salary of around fifty million euros. At the same time, the Briton receives a number of allowances from private sponsorship agreements.

The six-time Formula 1 world champion has a contract with the following sponsors:


– Monster Energy Drinks

– L’Oreal

– Bose

– Puma

– MV Agusta Bikes

– Bombardier Recreational Products

– Sony

– Gran Turismo

According to Forbes magazine, Lewis Hamilton is at the top of the list paid racers in the history of Formula 1 and motorsport has already overtaken seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher has 21 years of career with his salary at Jordan, Benetton and Ferrari earned astronomical 464 millions of dollars. Meanwhile, Forbes estimates that Lewis Hamilton has already received 489 million  on his account in his career so far, which means that for millions exceeded the legendary German.

Forbes magazine points out that this information is tied solely to the salary of both racers and does not include private sponsorship agreements. If you take these into account, the richest racer is still Schumacher, who has earned almost a billion dollars in his career.

However, Lewis Hamilton, who recently signed lucrative contracts with Monster and Tomy Hilfiger, already approaching Schumacher in this category as well.


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