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r/formula1 - Renault's Poster for the 2020 Portugal Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso

7 elements · 55 minutes prior to now

Any context for that bridge? Is that some illustrious landmark in Portugal?

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10 elements · 53 minutes prior to now

“Ponte Vasco da Gama” it be a bridge in Lisbon and it be one in all the largest bridges in Europe with over 12 km

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Nico Hülkenberg

1 level · 51 minutes prior to now

*Portuguese GP

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1 level · 40 minutes prior to now

*Porchyougeese GP

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1 level · straight away

Where end you guys get these? Did other groups moreover get any posters?

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0 elements · 48 minutes prior to now

Appears worship Imperial Japan to me lol

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