(Motorsport-Complete.com) – George Russell expects problems with the subject of tune limits at the Formula 1 debut in Portimao and is wondering why the premier class in Turn 1 does not rely on the narrower chicanery variant to the subject nip in the bud in advance.


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In Portimao, instead of the quick right bend, you could also ride the chicane Zoom Gather

Portimao owns Two possible variants for turn 1: on the one hand a quick right bend, which Formula 1 will use, on the other hand a hairpin-like right turn that ends in a left turn – similar to Bahrain.

Russell already knows about an appearance the Formula 3 European Championship 2015 that tune limits on the outside of the fast Variant become a topic. “Back then we had a test day on Thursday with the fast Turn 1, which we also drive in Formula 1. But everyone ignored the tune limits,” says the Williams driver.

The formula 3 therefore decided without further ado to take the slow chicane instead. “That warfare is very nice. So I’m surprised that we don’t do this loop,” he says. “It would also be better for racing to have a slow corner at the end of the long straight.”

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Race director Michael Masi admits that he already expects tune limits in Portugal become an issue – and not just in turn 1. “That won’t be the only place where there is a possibility,” he says. “But we have a few solutions to manage that for the second-hand in the best possible way.”

Portimao will be the venue for a Formula 1 race for the first time. But Masi is confident that the track will be ready for it: “All the work, pictures and reports that I have seen show that the work is progressing extremely well and has already progressed.”

” It’s not just about the new asphalt, but also about some improvements to the road boundaries and about safety precautions. Used to be I saw, makes me more than satisfied, “says Masi.

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