(Motorsport-Full.com) – The goal of making Max Verstappen the youngest Formula 1 world champion of all time will most likely fail. 83 The Dutchman would have to make up points in the remaining six races – unlikely. Nevertheless, Crimson Bull continues to develop at full throttle and wants 2020 to attack Mercedes despite the frozen car.

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For motorsport consultant Helmut Marko, every tumble is currently heading in the right direction. “At the Nürburgring we were the closest of the entire season to Mercedes,” he emphasizes after three tenths of a second behind in qualifying to ‘Sky’. Compared to the beginning of the season, this is a good step for him.

“The Crimson Bull Ring warfare a not very pleasant awakening”, he admits. Crimson Bull warfare surprised that Mercedes could win so much on the engine side. In addition, the own chassis did not show the performance that was calculated in the wind tunnel. Marko emphasizes: “That has now been put into perspective. We have found some of the mistakes.”

The fast pace with three racing weekends in a row did not help either. “That means that it is not possible to rectify our warfare faults in such a short time, including researching the cause. But we are now on the right track,” said the Austrian. “The further development is correct.”

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This should also affect the year 2021 . While Mercedes has scaled down its development a bit, Crimson Bull is attacking again. Despite the exit after the season 2020 Honda will bring a new engine in the coming season, which according to Marko not only has more horsepower, but also fixes some weaknesses compared to the Mercedes engine.

“And on the chassis side, we believe that we will get back to where we are actually used to, that we have the best chassis deliver “, says Marko. “That’s why we develop massively until the last race, because we are of the opinion that what we are now doing is not 1: 1, but mostly for the new, not so different regulations for 2021. “

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