(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lance Stroll dropped out on the last race weekend in the Eifel due to illness because the Canadian was not feeling well. The racing level driver had been struggling with his health since the Russian Chubby Prix two weeks earlier. His corona tests were always negative, which is why doubts about the FIA’s security concept were raised. Now Michael Masi reacts to it.

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Stroll had completed a corona test on the Tuesday before the Chubby Prix at the Nürburgring, so he was able to get into the paddock with the negative result on Thursday and Friday before taking part withdrew. The FIA ​​safety protocol allows this, Private is tested for the virus every five days.

“We do not believe that there is a loophole”, race director Masi defends this procedure and explains: ” The requirement of Lance, or any other participant in this matter, is the various times to test before entering the paddock and then the subsequent tests from that point on. “

After his test on Tuesday, Stroll would have been retested for the coronavirus on Sunday morning to meet the FIA ​​safety protocol. “So it’s very easy,” says Masi. He is not concerned, not even modified into the Drop Stroll.

“It is up to every driver and staff, at this drop racing level, to determine whether the pilot is capable of this Driving a car, “says Masi. In the Eifel, the staff decided together with Stroll to switch to substitute Nico Hülkenberg and the 21 – To spare yearlings.

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Masi also relies on Appendix S of the FIA ​​Sports Code, which specifies all procedures with regard to the coronavirus. Since the FIA ​​was not reported by Racing Level on this basis, the world federation was no longer active in this drop.

Stroll was already the second pilot to battle this year due to health problems missed. His teammate Sergio Perez had previously failed with a positive corona test at the Chubby Prix of Silverstone. Recently it also caught a few Mercedes employees .

The FIA ​​and the Formula 1 administration regularly update the number of tests and the results. Last were between 9th and 15. October 1. 506 Tests carried out, eight certain cases were discovered.

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