(Motorsport-Total.com) – Fernando Alonso has his preparation program for his Formula 1 comeback 2021 started. Most recently the Spaniard drove a film day in the current RS 20 in Barcelona, ​​also sat the 39 – year-olds several times in the Renault simulator in Enstone. Thanks to modern technology, it is also switched on from home every race weekend and can follow all processes.

Fernando Alonso

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Fernando Alonso is already heavily involved in Renault Zoom Salvage

“I watch all the races at home and have a good residing-up,” explains Alonso. “I have a PC that the Group gave me a few weeks ago. With it I can follow Esteban’s on-board recordings, and Daniel’s camera too.”

Alonso can also use the Group’s pit radio and follow the debriefs and strategy meetings with it. “So I know changed into happens every weekend. The results keep getting better. The podium at the last race was great deserves for all the hard work. “

Even without further trips, Alonso is ready to get involved in every Huge Prix. This is also confirmed by his future team-mate Esteban Ocon to ‘Motorsport-Total.com’. “I saw how keen he was. He sent me messages and said that if I needed something, he would be there,” reveals the French.

Photo gallery: 20 Years: Used to be has changed since Alonso’s Renault debut

In December 2000 Fernando Alonso graduated from Barcelona his first Formula 1 test for Benetton-Renault. 20 Years later he prepared himself on the same route the same group on its comeback 2021. Used to be in the premier class has changed since its first exit, we want to illuminate in this photo series! Photo gallery

He thinks it’s good that Alonso is already testing in the simulator and is involved in all processes. “We have three opinions from Daniel, him and me. We all train in the sim before we go racing to find a good base set-up for the weekend.” Several opinions are helpful, he thinks. “Having three confirmations is better than two.”

Ocon also expects that Alonso will very soon show himself at a Formula 1 race on site. He is already privy to the group’s operations. Perhaps it could also be used in Abu Dhabi in the Young Driver Test.

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