(Motorsport-Whole.com) – Single-digit temperatures at the Nürburgring, now again in late summer: For the Portugal comeback in Formula 1 ( all Formula 1 races 2020 follow the live ticker here! ) will be on the weekend (23. to 25. October) significantly warmer conditions expected. At least nobody has to freeze in Portimao.

Wolken über Portimao

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Sun and clouds over Portimao: This is how the weather will also be on the weekend Zoom Download

Already at the start of training on Friday (23. October) will be scarce 20 Degrees Celsius reached. The sun is initially still hiding behind a thick cloud cover, but this disappears in the afternoon. Rain is not an issue all day.

The wind blows on Friday from the west and / or south on the racetrack in the south of Portugal, and that with an average of ten km / h. However: Individual gusts of wind should be up to 22 km / h.

Saturday will be the friendliest ticket

Saturday (. October) in Portimao is just as friendly as Friday, and better: The sun is already dominating in the morning, the temperatures climb again to around 20 Centigrade. Again there is no rain at all in sight.

The winds also remain constant at an average of ten km / h from the southwest and up to 23 km / h for single gusts.

F1 simulation: One lap in Portimao

Mercedes simulator driver Esteban Gutierrez provides the new F1 course in Portimao. More Formula 1 videos

On Sunday (25. October) the highest temperatures are measured in Portimao despite clear cloud cover, with probably slightly above 20 Centigrade. The ticket then begins with thick clouds, which should increase in the early afternoon.

Small chance of rain in the race

For the race time in the early afternoon there is a certain chance of rain, the weather services say from to 85 Percentage probability of small showers. Because if it rains during the race, it will probably only be very little.

Photos: Broad Prix by Portugal

The wind is ready for a change: On Sunday at noon it initially blows from the southwest, but then turns to the northwest – and it increases in strength: On average are 21 km / h, individual gusts of wind should even 40 reach km / h.

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