[–]matthewplRobert Kubica 4 facets5 facets6 facets  (0 kids)

Mercedes allowed Lotus to make exhaust of better engines modes for that flee because they feared Ferrari would possibly perhaps also merely salvage them.

So truly Lotus that one year used to be a correct automotive, honest engine wasn’t offering adequate vitality.

EDIT: knowledge comes from Matthew Carter (CEO and Crew Most important of Lotus crew) on Missed Apex podcast (Diaries of an F1 Boss series).

[–]ewankenobiKamui Kobayashi 1 point2 facets3 facets  (0 kids)

It took a energy of persona to acknowledge his come wasn’t working, dart survey a psychologist & totally alternate his angle.

He rightly came below heaps of criticism before all the pieces place of his occupation & came through it stronger.

With any luck he’ll be remembered for his success at Lotus in pick on to the initiate or pause of his occupation.

Looking on the Pressure to Continue to exist documentaries it gave the impression Steiner used to be a little bit of a bully in direction of him & I think that knocked his self belief.

[–]JimmerUK 5 facets6 facets7 facets  (0 kids)

I haven’t viewed it for a whereas, nonetheless one example is that there would possibly perhaps be a scene the place Grosjean aggressively pushes a camera out of his formulation as he angrily walks along the pitlane.

On the different hand, a varied angle used to be came across from the FOM feed that told the actual fact, the cameraman used to be about to smack his head on a fraction of equipment and Grosjean used to be saving him from hurting himself.

It be honest one cramped example of how Netflix had been editing the expose to present a clear account.

[–]EmrldPhoenixDaniel Ricciardo 7 facets8 facets9 facets  (0 kids)

Mate! Mate!

Right here’s unhappy news, nonetheless now not unexpected.

I’ve greatest been watching F1 for just a few years now, nonetheless Romain is one in every of my favourite drivers.

His persona is infectious and I admire seeing him pleased.

I wish him successfully for wherever he goes next.

[–]Argonaught_WTLewis Hamilton 2 facets3 facets4 facets  (1 youngster)

If truth be told each and each Mag and Gro each and each most certainly remorse signing for Haas.

It had so worthy promise nonetheless holy fuck has it did now not bring.

I hope that the brand new drivers there (if each and each Mag and Gro dart) survey Haas initiate performing successfully otherwise shall we survey more gifted drivers being wasted.

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