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Petrov: “What if one of the most drivers comes out as homosexual? Will they exit with a rainbow flag and mosey all people else to change into homosexual or something?”

FIA: announce Petrov as a steward

Journalists: “ Lewis Lewis what construct you beget about Petrov being chosen as a steward given his comments”

Hamilton: “I’ve now not viewed the total quotes – clearly you’ve honest recited some of them,” he acknowledged. “So yes, in the end, that is I may well direct a shock that they’re hiring someone that has those beliefs and is so vocal about things that we’re attempting to fight in opposition to So that it’s vital to restful eliminate it up with them, in point of fact. There’s nothing I will in particular construct about it.”

So many peoples firsts reaction: “okay why does Hamilton in point of fact feel the must observation on the entire lot”

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