(Motorsport-Total.com) – “I am still working on my plans for the future, which I will announce in due course”, writes Kevin Magnussen about the separation from Haas . So far it is only clear that the Dane 2021 will no longer compete for the American racing team in Formula 1. Everything else will tell only time.

Kevin Magnussen

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“I’ve been looking at options for a while,” explains Magnussen. Because it was foreseeable that Haas would strive for a change on the driver side in the coming season. However, he and his teammate Romain Grosjean are unlikely to remain in Formula 1, as there are no open options.

Magnussen already knows this undertaking. When he had to make way for Fernando Alonso after his debut year for McLaren, he 2015 had to take a year off. “I was lucky enough to be able to come back afterwards, but I do not prefer a sabbatical year in any way,” he explains. “I want to race. I am a racer.”

A possible goal for him could be the IndyCar series, in which his father Jan also competes in the 90 has competed in a few races. “That always interested me,” says Magnussen. “As a little style, I went to the IndyCar races with my dad and always thought that it was super cool and that I would like to drive there one day.” Motorsport series around the world for uncertainty. “It doesn’t look so easy to land a good deal there,” says the Dane. “I don’t epic no to that and neither epic that it’s impossible, but it looks difficult.”

Magnussen emphasizes that he is currently “open to pretty much everything”, including to remain in Formula 1. “I’m just 22 and feel that I can give Formula 1 even more “said the Haas pilot. He’s currently speaking to all kinds of teams and people. “Who knows what can happen as soon as in Formula 1. I’ve learned that you should never say never.”

However, he also knows that he does not have the necessary price range can raise himself to make himself financially interesting for teams – also 239475 a reason for his end at Haas . “I have sponsors, I have Accomplice, but that’s not big in this world. For me, it’s not enough to make the difference,” he says. “I can’t bring what other drivers will bring with me.”

Magnussen sees his arguments more of a sporty nature. “I’ve grown enormously at Haas over the past few years and I’ve learned a lot from Romain. I can feel that I’m ready to take the next step, but at the same time I’ll probably find myself sidelined.” But he doesn’t really want that. “I couldn’t see myself on the sidelines for a whole year.”

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