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Any discussion of the best F1 teams will always give different opinions and cause some controversy. Some teams are already forgotten, some underestimated and some overestimated. It is similar when we talk about the worst teams in the history of Formula 1. In the following, we present the F1 team, which, to put it mildly, did not become famous in the fastest circus.


Life F1, a racing team that came to life as a kind of capital fund in the late 1980s, when turbo engines were already banned in Formula 1. Any ban in F1 is the reason for many new ideas and one of these ideas was the V12 engine. One of the 12 cylinder engines was also made by engineer Franco Rocchi, but his product for Formula 1 was completely unsuitable as it was significantly heavier and taller than competing engines. However, these shortcomings did not prevent the Italian businessman Ernest Vita from buying the engine with the intention of reselling it to interested parties, which did not exist.

The problem with Vita’s business model was that he sold a heavy, complicated, tall, and slow engine to people with a lot more money than he had himself, and at the same time, everyone was already developing their own engines, which were much better.

When no one had bitten Vita’s bait, he said to himself, “F****, I’m going to create my F1 team, and then we’ll see who has the ridiculously heavy, tall, complicated and slow engine!”

Vita named the team after himself (Vita in English = Life) and started working, which was not much due to lack of money. The Life team then decided not to make the chassis themselves, but to buy it and insert a Vita’s V12 engine.

Since Vita did not have the money to buy a quality F1 car, he decided to buy the chassis of the FIRST F1 team, which was so bad that the team abandoned the Formula 1 project before it started the first race.

When engineer Richard Divila inspected the final product of the FIRST F1 chassis, he was alarmed by the transmission castings, suspension defects, chassis mold, and dangerous steering column, he advised them not to enter into it, for it is a death trap.

The Life team, however, was not stopped and Vita bought a chassis and drill installed his unusual V12 engine and started the 1990 F1 season. The recipe for disaster was created and the form of the Life car was, to put it mildly, embarrassing. The team failed to qualify for a single race, and racer Gary Brabham (son of Jack Brabham ) gave up after only two races. The car never drove more than eight laps without technical problems. It was about 20 seconds slower than all the others, which meant it would be slower than all F3 series cars as well.

Life V12 Engine

Brabham was then replaced by Italian veteran Bruno Giacomelli, and at Life F1 they also tried the  Judd  CV V8 engine, which did not fit the chassis at all and in the race for the Portuguese GP, the bonnet flew off after a few laps.

After 14 embarrassing attempts, however, Vita gave up and the Life team withdrew from the Formula 1 championship two races before the end of the season, making history as one of the worst teams in F1 history.

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