Chunky tweets:

Rather a swipe at Racing Point from @ZBrownCEO on the Stroll concern: “If I like a look on the Racing Point concern, I’d potentially test somebody who isn’t feeling successfully day-to-day. I don’t know who the Doctor used to be. Perhaps it used to be Doctor Seuss, Dr Dre.”

“I’ve heard Racing Point say they test bigger than any company on the earth. I don’t know how you substantiate that. All I know is when we had our case in Australia we communicated it in a brief time to all people and that’s precisely what Mercedes did when they had their incidents” 2/3

“It appears to be like admire there wasn’t instantaneous transparency and for an entity that tests as remarkable as they enact, I know we’d test somebody who doesn’t feel successfully day-to-day to ensure that person is successfully (and so that they are no longer passing it on to contacts)” 3/3

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