(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Lewis Hamilton is not a fan of the planned new racetrack in Rio de Janeiro . Liberty Media has confirmed in a leaked short to the incumbent governor of Rio that it intends to hold the Sizable Prix of Brazil 2021 from Interlagos to relocate the new route. Environmentalists then hit apprehension, and the reigning world champion also criticized the plans.

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Lewis Hamilton would rather go to Interlagos again Zoom To find

“First of all, I have to say, I love Brazil. I have a lot of fans in Brazil, these people mean a lot to me and their support over the years has been enormous I was hoping nobody would ask me this question … “admits the Briton.

Because: The plans for the new racetrack contradict Hamilton’s view of environmental and climate protection. The planned circuit in Deodoro, a district of the western zone of Rio, is in the Camboata forest. Thousands of trees would have to be felled to build the course.

Resistance spread among the population. Finally 170 hectares of the rainforest are cleared . In times of “Fridays For Future” the project sends the wrong signals, so the tenor. Brazil was last hard hit by the huge forest fires in the Amazon.

Researchers fear increasing floods and a rise in temperatures in the urban area as a result of the deforestation. In addition, many animals in the rainforest would lose their livelihood. Under the hashtag “BrazilSaysNoToDeforestation”, the topic has also been very present on social media in the past few weeks.

This has not escaped Hamilton either. “My personal opinion is that the world doesn’t need another new racetrack. There are so many great courses. I’ve been to Rio and it’s a beautiful place. I don’t know all of the information, but I’ve heard that it’s sustainable want to remodel. “

However, the most sustainable variant is another:” It would make most sense not to cut trees in the first place, especially at a time when we are fighting a pandemic and it there is a global crisis in the world. ” The Briton has spoken out in favor of environmental and climate initiatives several times in the past.

The Mercedes driver also drew attention to the Amazon forest fires. And in this tumble, too, he is against human intervention in the rainforest. He can’t understand why there has to be new construction in this area of ​​all places.

“With all the deforestation and so on, I don’t think it’s a smart switch. Personally, I don’t support that . ” The promoters of the route have meanwhile also spoken out and promised, in total 700. 000 to plant new trees.

Another celebrity Opponents got the project in Lucas di Grassi. He thinks that it’s not about Interlagos already existing or the trees being cut down. “The fact is that this location is the worst possible place in the world to build a race track. Nobody benefits from it.”

The former Formula 1 driver goes one better and says: “Nobody in their right mind would invest their money there. Very strange.” The contract with Interlagos expires this year, since 1980 Formula 1 has been on the track (previously from 1973 to 1980 already on the old, longer variant).

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro supports the Rio plans. He described the criticism of the project as “disproportionate” according to ‘ BBC ‘.

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