(Motorsport-Total.com) – Valtteri Bottas battle fastest in all three free practice sessions at the Big Prix of Portugal, as well as in the second qualifying phase. In the end, however, Lewis Hamilton secured the . Pole topic of his Formula 1 career – although he could not achieve an absolute best time in any of the three sectors.

Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton secured in Portimao the 97. Pole of his Formula 1 career Zoom Download

Third place on the grid went to Max Verstappen (Crimson Bull), who did his fastest Q3 lap – unlike that Mercedes-Duo – completed with Pirelli Cushy tires. Verstappen was 0, 246 seconds behind Hamilton’s pole time.

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari / + 0, 438) finished fourth and thus set his best qualifying result of the season 2020. Sergio Perez (Racing Point / + 0, 438) finished fifth, Alexander Albon (Crimson Bull / + 0, 620).

Why did Bottas lose the pole duel?

Everything seemed to have been arranged for him . After the first Q3 shuffle, he creeped with a best time of 1 despite a small mistake: 16. 986 Minutes in the lead, 0 , 047 seconds before Hamilton. For the second shuffle, the Mercedes drivers switched from Cushy to Medium. After the first medium lap, Bottas was still making progress.

But while Bottas braked with the last set of tires after his first fast lap, although he crossed the finish line in time, Hamilton added a second fast lap . And the battle at 0, 102 seconds faster and reached to the pole.

Battle Hamilton really the faster Mercedes driver?

No. Bottas set the absolute best time in all three sectors. His theoretical best time creep even at 1: 16. 406 minutes. However, he didn’t get them in one round. Otherwise he would have been 0, 246 seconds faster than Hamilton. “The pace was there all weekend. That annoys me a bit,” he says annoyed.

Why is Bottas not second Fast lap?

Because he didn’t have enough gasoline on board for it. He made the decision to just drive one quick lap with the medium before he left the pits. “In addition,” he says, his last timed lap was good, but not perfect: “In Q2 I felt more grip,” says Bottas.

By the way: Bottas would have it just like Hamilton Had the opportunity to do two quick laps with the medium. The strategy was given to the drivers by Mercedes. But he only wanted to drive one.

Why actually? “On the one hand, you need less fuel if you only do one lap. This is an advantage in terms of weight. On the other hand, it may be better for the tire temperature to do two fast laps with a ‘cool-down lap’ in between,” he explains the possible motives.

Hamilton confirms: “Both Americans were given the opportunity to choose between Cushy and Medium. The idea of ​​doing an additional lap looked good to me. So I went for it decided. “

Does Verstappen have an advantage over Bottas at initiating?

The odd starting positions are on the clean side on Sunday. This may be an advantage on the relatively newly paved route. “It would have been nice to start on the clean side,” admits Bottas.

Verstappen relativizes his alleged advantage: “I don’t think the first corner is the best place to overtake here . ” He should know, after all, he collided with Lance Stroll (Racing Point) there on Friday. What he was reminded of with a wink by High-3 interviewer David Coulthard …

How big was Albon and Vettel’s backlog?

The two problem children among the teammates were once again clearly beaten. Sebastian Vettel left as 14. already in Q2. Ferrari had tried to get away with Medium, but only Leclerc (eighth) was fast enough. In the end, Vettel was half a second missing on the Reduce.

“I was actually happy with the medium tires because they felt good. But I had difficulties with the tires to work. And that’s it, “he says annoyed. He had already sighed on the pit radio beforehand: “The tires weren’t ready for turns 3, 4, 5.”

Vettel is impressed by his team-mate: “At the moment I don’t see any country. That it’s not just hitting, it’s like a different class. I’ll try everything as soon as I can. I think the laps that I make and that I’m satisfied with are still too slow. More At the moment I have no choice but to get what I have in me as soon as. “

It didn’t go much better for Alexander Albon. In Q3, when it came down to it, he also tried the medium. In fact, he was doing super-fast mini-sectors on the second fast lap. But at the end of the lap he lost time – maybe because the tires were deteriorating? Either way: P6, 0, 533 seconds behind Verstappen.

Why did Ricciardo not set a time in Q3?

The Renault driver flew off on his last fast Q2 lap and damaged his car in the process. The repairs were taking too long, and so he could no longer go out on the track in the Extinguish. Bitter from Renault’s point of view: At the end of Q2 creep er 0, 133 Seconds ahead of his teammate Esteban Ocon. He had to watch in Q3 despite the car being intact.

“These cars are pretty sensitive,” says Ricciardo. “I had to pass a couple of lapped cars. They were next to the line, but if you brake as the wind is going, it somehow has an effect. As soon as the rear started to slide, I wondered what soon as that caused it. But it is the way it is. “

P7 / 8 for McLaren: Was that not possible anymore?

At least not under these conditions. “The wind was to blame,” believes Carlos Sainz. “You have heard america talk about it very often, we have complained to americaoft about the wind. I will not repeat that again. But we know our sensitivity in this area. I am a 17. 1 driven in Q2 and one 16. 5 in Q3. That’s fascinating. “

Are there any further examinations?

Between Sergio Perez (6./Racing Point) and Pierre Gasly (9./AlphaTauri) there was an incident in the corner in Q2 13. Perez is said to have hindered Gasly, but this was not seen in the TV pictures. The race stewards declared that a decision would only be made after qualifying.

Regarding the tune limits, the Tried and tested compromise solution from FIA race director Michael Masi . Five times were deleted in Q1, but this had no effect on the starting grid. And in Q2 and Q3 there was not a single violation that the FIA ​​had to punish.

Who was eliminated in Q1?

The usual suspects. The TV interview by Romain Grosjean (17.). He was fired by Haas before the weekend and is now apparently no longer inhibited. The Frenchman criticized the car as the worst in the field, and now he dares to say that too. Will not go down well with Günther Steiner. Even if it doesn’t change anything for 2021.

Why did Q1 at 30 Started minutes late?

Vettel had at the end of the third free practice session when driving over a curb in a curve 14 loosened a manhole cover. The repair took a while , and then had to other manhole covers are checked.

This took longer than expected.

When is initiating and where can I follow the race?

The initiation takes place at 14: 10 clock German time. Be careful: During the night on Sunday the clock is switched from summer to normal time. That means sleeping an hour longer! The race’s are dwelling in the 785 ticker on Motorsport-Total.com and Formel1.de . And of course on the well-known TV channels .

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