I’m 100% with you right here.

The most simple drivers on the grid could well also light be expected to receive the auto on the fucking discover.

If the drivers can’t retain the auto on the discover (spoiler: they’ll, they handsome cease no longer are looking to), then maybe we could well also light no longer be racing at these tracks.

The White line has continually been the discover. Right here is how solutions had been written to be enforced. If we pause the exhaust of the white line as the cease of the discover, these solutions become onerous to enforce.

The most simple farce right here is that “the most productive drivers on this planet” can’t retain the auto on the flee discover.

Lets exhaust the “If the white line used to be a wall” analogy – How many autos would DNF….Not a correct model seek for but unfortunately drivers know they’ll accumulate away with it and retain doing it. And now the FIA is announcing, proceed doing it ample and we could well also no longer enforce it….

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