(Motorsport-Total.com) – Max Verstappen described qualifying in Portugal as “confusing” and complained about the lack of grip, which meant that the Pink Bull driver set his fastest time in Q1. Verstappen battle in the first section of the qualification in Portimao ( Formula 1 2020 dwell in the ticker ) 0, 025 Seconds faster than on its fastest lap in Q3.

Max Verstappen

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Max Verstappen did not set his best time in the last qualifying part Zoom Come by

“I couldn’t repeat my lap time because I just didn’t have the same grip,” says Verstappen. “It has been quite difficult to get the tires to work all weekend. Apart from that, the asphalt is pretty slippery. There is only one line you can take.”

With rank three behind the two Mercedes, Verstappen can still live well, even if he wonders why he could not repeat his Q1 period. “It seemed like it was a little more difficult for united states of america to get the tires into a better window, even though it felt better on one lap from Q2 to Q3.”

But that wouldn’t have been much fun for him: “You can’t push. You just drive like you’re on ice. It’s a shame,” he says.

In the end he was missing two and a half tenths of a second Pole map. As at the Nürburgring, he was fairly close to the two Mercedes. However, he does not want to overestimate that because on the one hand there was a lack of grip and Mercedes was also on other tires on the road – the mediums.

“I think we have to go on a track on which we can have driven in the past few years, “he says of a better comparison. “Events like this one are always a bit of luck. Sometimes one succeeds better than others. To be third and so close is still a good success.”

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