Max called Stroll a “mongol” when Max drove into Stroll. (Uncensored radio)

So – in Dutch, “mongool” is a (very) customary sing observe – in total broken-down as superlative to “idioot” (idiot). For the leisure, or no longer it is equal to the English usage when swearing.

As why calling of us with Down’s syndrome “Mongol”, that turns out to had been from a moderately racist European look for of the Mongolian of us.

Speaking as a Dutch person – or no longer it is accurate something you shout in the warmth of the 2nd. Potentially 99% of of us who utilize it doubtlessly have not ever consciously attach the connection between the observe “mongool” and Mongolian of us – and I plan no longer judge of us bother to even ask up the build it stemmed from.

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