1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull) 


(Conducted by Martin Brundle) 


Q: Max, one other podium, smartly done. It looked reasonably nice looking on the most foremost lap, the most foremost few corners?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, it changed into very low grip. I ethical tried to protect out of hassle. Truly I had a miniature of contact with Sergio, nevertheless he didn’t leave me ample space to normally took himself out. From there onwards, it changed into raining a miniature of bit and I ethical tried to withhold the vehicle on the tune. Once every thing changed into stabilised I overtook the McLaren autos. They’d somewhat about a grip on the most foremost lap, I don’t know the blueprint. After which I did my be pleased flee. I went onto the medium tyres, we had gorgeous dash, nevertheless for high quality the gap changed into already so mountainous that it is possible you’ll perhaps well perhaps’t the truth is make anything.


Q: If you cleared those early runners and it is possible you’ll perhaps well perhaps entirely seek for the Mercedes you had broad dash there for a whereas nevertheless I express the tyres went some distance from you?

MV: Yeah, nevertheless furthermore they were on the tense tyre and I deem that tyre changed into not unparalleled. At the sleek time the medium tyre changed into the utterly the finest tyre, so it wouldn’t comprise mattered if I had began on the medium because then I’d comprise misplaced my time on the hards. Overall we completed where we deserved.


Q: Valtteri, P2. You took off, within the early phases of the flee, the truth is quick. You looked so pleased. Clearly the McLaren changed into gorgeous up there with you, Carlos Sainz, nevertheless whenever you obtained established out entrance you were the truth is there, under withhold watch over?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, the hole lap changed into reasonably gorgeous. There changed into a miniature of drizzle and some autos within the assist of with the delicate tyre had the higher hand nevertheless I changed into reasonably pleased I could perhaps perhaps well perhaps receive the lead. But after that I ethical had no dash this day. I don’t realize why, nevertheless no dash.


Q: Receive us thru that overtake when Lewis… you in actuality defended tense up the gorgeous hand aspect, Lewis sweeping thru for the lead?

VB: Truly I attempted to defend, nevertheless the rate he changed into seeking to shut, there changed into nothing the truth is to make. Like I talked about, I don’t know why I didn’t comprise the dash this day. I changed into pushing tense nevertheless couldn’t dawdle sooner.


Q: We heard you calling to transfer onto delicate tyres to attain the flee. You didn’t receive them for high quality. I deem you knew you weren’t going to receive them, nevertheless that’s what you wanted? 

VB: Yeah, I hoped to develop the most foremost stint a miniature and dawdle for the delicate on the end nevertheless I don’t deem it made any distinction to the final result this day.


Q: Lewis Hamilton, our winner this day. Congratulations we’re privileged to stare you making wearing ancient previous. Wow, did you make it in vogue.

Lewis HAMILTON: Thanks so noteworthy. To begin with, I the truth is owe all of it to these guys here and assist on the factory for their corpulent work. They’re continuously innovating and pushing the barrier increased yearly, the target, and it’s ethical been such a privilege working with them and I’m so grateful for the complete moments. The reliability has been fully amazing, thanks to Mercedes and Petronas and all our companions who’re continuously pushing again. No one is sitting assist on their success. Each person looks to be pushing. Pushing and pushing and pushing. That’s essentially the most amazing ingredient to be surrounded by. It inspires you, that collaboration. There’s nothing somewhat adore it. At the sleek time changed into tense, nevertheless it unquestionably changed into all about temperatures this day and that’s something I changed into in a space to, with the site-up, I changed into in a space to pre-empt it.


Q: It changed into a miniature of a fight within the early few corners wasn’t it. A miniature bit bit of rain, and rain the rain is falling now?

LH: Yeah, I point out they talked about it changed into going to rain straight after the flee. We obtained some spitting ethical within the initiating. I obtained an very just right start nevertheless then going into Flip 7 and I obtained a broad oversteer moment and you know, you didn’t know what changed into next. I the truth is backed off hugely. Arguably, I will deserve to comprise potentially tried to defend from Valtteri nevertheless I changed into adore “I’ll come assist later on” and luckily that’s what I changed into in a space to make.


Q: You talked about some cramp within the closing phases of the flee?

LH: Oh yeah. I point out, you know, it’s an incredibly physical sport nevertheless I had a cramp in my gorgeous calf. I changed into lifting somewhat incessantly down the straight because it changed into about, adore, pull. Comparatively painful, nevertheless I needed to 1 blueprint or the other receive thru it because it is what it is, it is possible you’ll perhaps well perhaps’t pick for the complete lap. , I could perhaps perhaps well perhaps entirely comprise ever dreamed of being where I’m this day and I didn’t comprise a magic ball as soon as I selected to return to this crew and companion with these broad of us nevertheless here I’m and what I can let you know is that I’m seeking to originate essentially the most of it each day. All the pieces that we make collectively, we’re all rowing within the the same direction and that’s why it is possible you’ll perhaps well perhaps smartly be seeing the success that we’re having. My dad’s here, which is unparalleled and my step mum Linda is here, and Roscoe, it’s a the truth is blessed day.


Q: Ninety-two System 1 victories. Phenomenal. What does that time out to you?

LH: Phew. It’s going to net a whereas for it to fully sink in, nevertheless I changed into nonetheless pushing flat out discovering the road. I’m nonetheless very noteworthy in flee mode mentally. I can’t discover the words for the time being.





Q: Lewis, many congratulations. No one within the ancient previous of System 1 has taken extra wins than you. You potentially can smartly be out on your be pleased. Can you portray your emotions as you crossed the road here in Portugal?

LH: Successfully, thanks. I deem within the rupture ethical very pleased with the job that I felt I changed into in a space to make this day and the ingredient I changed into in a space to beat, nevertheless furthermore the job we comprise done collectively as a crew and it’s ethical harking assist to the initiating as soon as I joined the crew, the resolution I took to ticket up for the crew and what we comprise done since. Did I deem we would receive to… I knew that we would possibly perhaps take championships. Did I deem we would take as many as we comprise? No. Did I deem we would take this many races? Truly not. But it is a horny time for us and the huge ingredient is that it’s not ethical me that is residing with the ancient previous, it’s the complete crew and I deem all americans acknowledges and realises how noteworthy they are phase of it, so I the truth is feel incredibly grateful to my teammates. To Valtteri, for being the contender he is, the crew-mate he is, for pushing the crew forwards – we’re on the complete rowing within the the same direction whereas we’re competing, and it’s been a privilege to work with him. So what a time to be alive.


Q: Comparatively about a of us are potentially questioning how some distance it is possible you’ll perhaps well perhaps dawdle. How high are you able to elevate the bar?

LH: I don’t deem within the asserting the sky’s the restrict. It’s ethical a asserting. It relies upon how noteworthy we favor it, how noteworthy we’re seeking to continue to determine the bar and going by our ancient previous collectively, ethical the vogue we work, we don’t cool down on our results, we withhold working, we withhold elevating. Every flee feels adore the most foremost one. I don’t know the blueprint that’s possible in spite of every thing these races nevertheless for me it does, ethical as robust as the most foremost, and I deem there would possibly perhaps be loads extra for us to make. Especially as we’re on this loopy time of the pandemic. We’re in a loopy time with having to furthermore utilise our field as a industry, as a dash-setter within the industry for inclusivity, for diversity, there’s somewhat about a labor to make. So, that retains me inspired. My crew-mates, who’re continuously rising, my fans who’re continuously discovering out thru this course of with us all, and our sport that is slowly altering, it’s an actual particular time. I no doubt normally wonder, you know, jeez I’m 35 years gentle. I nonetheless the truth is feel bodily solid nevertheless you continue to wonder when is it going to tip over and lose efficiency nevertheless showing by this day it’s not but.


Q: Valtteri, coming to you. Let’s start before every thing. What changed into the grip adore from P2 on the interior of the grid this day?

VB: To begin with I are seeking to express broad congrats to Lewis for this unparalleled success and being phase of motorsport ancient previous, mate. Definitely, about a of the interviewers were asserting that what make I deem about it because many folks belief it’s never possible to interrupt the file nevertheless that itself is a mistake and I’m definite Lewis repeatedly believed it is possible and he’ll ethical withhold going. So, the truth is, hat’s off. Tall respect.


LH: Thanks mate, worship it.


VB:  From my aspect, yeah, it changed into a tricky flee. In regards to the start, no doubt the gorgeous-hand aspect changed into reasonably slippery nevertheless I’m reasonably definite it looked a miniature strange for the spectators and for the viewers, having a seek for on the most foremost lap nevertheless there changed into in actuality reasonably somewhat about a rain within the most foremost laps, in pronounce that’s why the warm up changed into the truth is unhappy, especially us being on the Medium tyre, the warm-up changed into reasonably loads weaker than the fellows with the delicate tyre, so I deem I managed to originate essentially the most out of it with the Medium tyres within the most foremost few laps nevertheless yes, it changed into tricky.


Q: Expose us in regards to the pitstop. You requested for Tender tyres but the crew selected in a single more blueprint.

VB: Certain, I did effect a question to for the Tender tyre because I belief it’d be, for me, the finest ingredient to make. One thing assorted, as the gap changed into already reasonably mountainous by that level – nevertheless then the Medium tyre began to work. We began to comprise a miniature of vibration, which blueprint the tyres are going to be the truth is completed and there’s repeatedly a likelihood of tyre failure, so the most catch ingredient on the end changed into to transfer for the Laborious, ethical to clearly receive the capabilities. That’s how it went this day nevertheless fundamentally the foremost subject for me changed into lack of dash, which I didn’t somewhat realize. Actual didn’t comprise the dash this day as I’m definite all americans would possibly perhaps perhaps well perhaps seek for. It changed into a tense, prolonged flee without Security Vehicles or anything.


Q: Max, can we start please with getting your ideas on Lewis’ achievements this day?

MV: We were ethical speaking about it. Lewis says he retains pushing because he wants to site it very high, because… yeah, I comprise to work tense to strive to receive there! It’s unparalleled. What are you able to advise? It’s ethical amazing. An unparalleled success. Ninety-two victories and I don’t deem it stops there. This is able to perhaps well dawdle smartly over 100. He’s pushing me to transfer till I’m 40 years gentle, or something. It’s an very just right motivation as smartly. Nah, anyway, it’s amazing. It appears adore or course he’s furthermore going for his seven world titles, which is amazingly impressive. Each person knows he’s very posthaste nevertheless what has furthermore been a the truth is solid level is that he’s furthermore very constant and truly hardly ever makes a mistake and that’s why I deem furthermore he obtained to this amount so posthaste. Yeah. It’s ethical very impressive.


LH: Thanks mate.


Q: And ethical a snappy note on your flee. The start on the Tender tyre and furthermore the incident with Pérez on the hole lap.

MV: Yeah, it changed into somewhat eventful. The foremost two laps. The start itself changed into somewhat OK. I had an very just right draft and, for high quality, right down to Flip 1, it changed into somewhat low-grip into Flip 1, so I needed to transfer a miniature of bit huge. It changed into hectic furthermore the most foremost lap. I don’t know. In Flip 3 I needed to transfer a miniature huge and I had… I deem I changed into within the assist of Lewis nevertheless I had Sergio next to me. He changed into going around the open air in Flip 4 nevertheless then, I don’t know, he didn’t leave ample space and normally he took himself out whereas I changed into ethical driving on the conventional line and luckily I had no harm – nevertheless then for high quality you lose a miniature of momentum, after which I had Charles and Carlos within the assist of, so I needed to defend, nevertheless then I locked up a miniature, so I needed to transfer huge. Yeah, it changed into a peril! I had no grip and all as we lisp those McLarens were flying. They were fully flying and I misplaced positions to them – nevertheless I furthermore didn’t are seeking to likelihood too noteworthy, because on the complete they effect not seem to be the ones we combat against within the flee. But clearly the most foremost lap they were unbelievable. I attempted to protect out of hassle a miniature, tried to determine down. Then I had Kimi within the assist of me. I changed into worried about that because I belief: “Am I the truth is going to… adore, what’s going on?” Kimi changed into flying, potentially his rally driving helped him a miniature within the most foremost lap or something because that changed into reasonably impressive. He’ll deserve to were P6? But anyway, saved him within the assist of, every thing settled down. I obtained into a rhythm, handed the McLarens.

LH: Reveals it is possible you’ll perhaps well perhaps nonetheless make it at 40!

MV: Clearly! That’s going to be see you later. I don’t are seeking to deem about that but! I started as soon as I changed into 17. I don’t are seeking to deem about being 40 years gentle, driving in System 1! Anyway, then I obtained assist into P3 and somewhat quick my left-entrance tyre died, so somewhat about a graining and I needed to field. After I effect on the Mediums it changed into just right-making an strive. I deem the dash wasn’t too immoral. Took about a laps to determine in – nevertheless furthermore the wind, lap to lap, it changed into altering reasonably loads. One time that it is possible you’ll dawdle into a corner and it changed into just right-making an strive. Next lap that it is possible you’ll comprise oversteer. So as that furthermore didn’t originate it easy to the truth is receive settled it. Once the tyres were up to temperature the dash changed into gorgeous and I ethical pulled some distance from the autos within the assist of and I could perhaps perhaps well perhaps make my be pleased flee – nevertheless for high quality they were a miniature too some distance-off from that level onwards. But anyway, somewhat eventful within the initiating and for high quality I’m nonetheless gay to be here.

LH: Why didn’t you use the Medium?

MV: I don’t had one site for quali and I talked about I wasn’t going to likelihood it. I didn’t deem the Tender changed into going to be that noteworthy of a fight.




Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) Lewis, unsurprisingly, that is for you. Clearly you’ve made a large success this day – nevertheless you’ve done with a aesthetic drive, one among essentially the most dominant we’ve considered from you for a prolonged, prolonged time. How does it the truth is feel to comprise such a becoming efficiency to mark such a mountainous success – and the blueprint make you noticed you were so dominant?

LH: I deem this day… first, as soon as I come to these races I never deem the numbers. I ethical never let it enter into my belief course of. At the sleek time changed into the truth is about… we’re at this tune, it’s very, very tender, you seek for the fight we’re all having with the tyre temperatures, so in the direction of the end of the flee I changed into inquisitive about what I’ll and gained’t advise by formulation of what is appropriate to express and not to express nevertheless within the rupture it’s no secret, I deem this day changed into about tyre temperature. I felt thru the flee that I changed into discovering out, lap on lap, extra in regards to the circuit. I changed into making an strive an complete bunch assorted traces and discovering new traces that worked smartly. The wind direction changed into very, very tricky, I deem, this day, an complete bunch crosswinds, headwinds and tailwinds and there changed into some positions that it is possible you’ll perhaps well perhaps utilise to your favour and others that kind-of receive within the vogue. I deem the most foremost’s the times whenever you comprise a tailwind, it’s minimising the loss thru those phases. Residing-up changed into something that I the truth is focussed on. It changed into less about qualifying site-up, and additional for the flee site-up and I deem this day that enabled me to transfer one better, I express, than sooner than. I ethical felt adore I changed into on the complete getting sooner and sooner at some stage within the flee – nevertheless I needed to withhold up the dash for these tyres. That changed into the truth is the most foremost.


Q:  Lewis, how sophisticated changed into it to receive the tyres up to temperature within the initiating?

LH: So we knew it changed into going to be tense on the mediums. Definitely, I deem the engineers… they’re very – vogue of – chilled about it. Yeah, this would possibly perhaps occasionally perhaps well perhaps be tense nevertheless you’ll be alright. They, adore, ship you out… It changed into very tricky and clearly it start to spit so whenever you’re incessantly the most foremost vehicle into the corners within the initiating of a lap when it is spitting, you’re the most foremost one to hit those raindrops, you’re the most foremost one to hit those patches of circuit. It’s assorted whenever you’re in second, because it is possible you’ll perhaps well perhaps react, incessantly, to the vehicle ahead nevertheless I struggled. I obtained to turn five which changed into not so immoral nevertheless then in turn six I had that broad oversteer moment and realised I nonetheless had low grip and Valtteri came by, I changed into overly cautious, I’d advise, thru seven and vogue of ethical on the complete let them by into eight, didn’t even defend and he appeared to comprise extra grip than me at that moment. Truly, I didn’t realize why, nevertheless I changed into definite that at some stage I’d receive there and I knew that it’s a prolonged, prolonged flee here, so I ethical saved my frigid and ethical mad about seeking to withhold the vehicle, the ingredient on the tune, not originate mistakes, and withhold myself within the flee, withhold this man(Max) within the assist of, because he changed into furthermore gorgeous on my tail. And even on the tense, it changed into not the truth is easy to receive temperatures nevertheless it unquestionably wasn’t as immoral because it changed into within the initiating of the flee.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Lewis, you sleek on the radio that you just had some cramp in the direction of the end of the flee. How did that happen, how did that truly feel, and did that comprise an impact on how you were seeking to receive sooner and sooner to withhold the temperature within the tyres on the end?

LH: Thanks, yes, I changed into asking the assorted guys within the occasion that they’d experienced anything adore it. I on the complete didn’t drink loads this day and I have in mind entering into the vehicle pondering I’m potentially going to be dehydrated and I ethical didn’t… I never drink within the flee, never. And on the least, I started having puny cramp… it’s a the truth is physical circuit nevertheless your throttle pedal, there’s an complete bunch bumps, undulations, you’re making utilize of the throttle reasonably aggressively for reasonably noteworthy every lap the complete formulation and you never the truth is receive to leisure. I changed into popping out of the final corner, coming round turn 15 onto the straight and I obtained the feeling that it changed into about to pull, adore you’re pulling a muscle, and it popped and it wretchedness so noteworthy, I needed to determine and I didn’t the truth is know what to make, because each time I applied it the wretchedness changed into there. But for high quality I can’t protect off the gasoline, I’ve obtained to withhold going, so it’s ethical mind over topic, so I ethical needed to withhold pushing. It changed into reasonably excruciating for a pair of laps, nevertheless then it began to vogue of…. I don’t know whether or not blood begins speeding to it and the adrenalin takes over nevertheless I’ve no doubt obtained a miniature of a knot in my knee, my calf. Yeah, I’ll look clinical attention afterwards. Angela is an actual physio. Comparatively about a brogues here advise they are precise physios nevertheless they effect not seem to be; most of them aren’t physios. Angela’s obtained…

MV: She’s obtained solid fingers. She’s somewhat… she treated me as soon as, it changed into not so aesthetic. Successfully, it changed into gorgeous nevertheless not so very just right-making an strive before every thing.

LH: No, it’s not.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Valtteri, whenever you were on the medium tyres, you talked about getting some vibrations and as this tyre changed into wearing, changed into there a instruct incident that precipitated that or changed into it ethical the case of the harm and you couldn’t withhold the tyres alive as smartly as Lewis?

VB: I didn’t the truth is comprise any mountainous lock-americaso I deem it changed into ethical that it’s somewhat frequent that when a tyre begins to be on the end of its existence, it begins vibration so I deem it changed into the truth is ethical the tyre wear and that compelled us to forestall at that level.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Traces) Max, you were making half of a shaggy dog fable asserting you will need to flee till you’re 40 or no topic to beat Lewis file, nevertheless at one stage you were being spoken as a candidate for the youngest World Champion. That looks to comprise long gone now. How demanding is it to take hold of that your skills are gorgeous up there nevertheless you’re unlikely to site any vogue of facts going ahead unless you receive the upright equipment?

MV: Successfully, you ethical comprise to easily win the philosophize you’re in, because in another case that it is possible you’ll changed into a the truth is irritated particular person whenever you don’t win it, in pronounce that’s what I did. That doesn’t point out that every time… you know, I come to a Sizable Prix, I repeatedly strive to receive the finest out of it and it’s an very just right motivation.  I shall be pleased third or second if I do know that I push myself to the restrict, I push the vehicle to the restrict and I do know that the crew did every thing they would possibly perhaps perhaps well. Like again, I deem this day they guys did about a unparalleled pit stops again. Stuff adore that motivates me nevertheless furthermore motivates them. I net my enjoyment out of that. And within the end of the day, yeah, I point out all americans loves a hit, that’s why we’re, nevertheless if it’s not possible, it’s not possible. Youngest World Champion? I point out on the end of the day, I don’t deem that when I’m 40 or 50 years gentle I care loads about those vogue of issues. I ethical are seeking to query assist as soon as I’m at that stage, as soon as I’m 40 or 50 and I query at myself within the replicate and advise did you receive essentially the most out of your self? Whereas it is possible you’ll perhaps well perhaps advise yes, then I’m gay about that because if which blueprint you take seven titles or no topic or zero, you will desire a miniature of luck for that as smartly, to be on the gorgeous crew on the gorgeous time. In most cases it doesn’t work out adore that nevertheless we’ll seek for. I nonetheless comprise about a years sooner than me, so with a miniature of luck issues will swap.


Q: (Alan Baldwin – Reuters) Valtteri, along the same traces perhaps, nevertheless you comprise fewer years than Max, clearly, to beat this man. You’ve re-site your self several times over the years. We’ve considered Valtteri 2.0, nevertheless the result looks very noteworthy the the same. How make you contend with somebody adore Lewis? How make you withhold going when he’s battering you so vastly as in this day, as an instance?

VB: It’s a motivation. For me it’s… as I’ve talked about sooner than, I no doubt don’t favor anything easy. It’s how I’ve been raced and what’s my mindset, that I’ll repeatedly withhold going and it’s ethical broad motivation to strive to beat him and it’s sophisticated nevertheless I do realize it’s possible and that’s the ingredient. And if I stop, it gained’t ever be possible and that will be the finest mistake to make and furthermore what Max talked about, the foremost ingredient is in actuality to present all of it you comprise each time, originate essentially the most out of each philosophize. Clearly Max is a miniature younger, I’m 31 now nevertheless I nonetheless the truth is feel adore I’m peaking. I’m not but there  and with a miniature of luck, soon, I will be and I furthermore the truth is feel I nonetheless comprise a amount of years and I’ll withhold pushing and that’s it. For me it’s somewhat easy.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Max, ethical going assist to that collision with Perez; did you pick any harm in that and did it comprise an impact on the the leisure of your flee?

MV: No, fortunately no harm. I changed into a miniature cautious on that lap because I changed into not definite what changed into going to happen with the vehicle, if I had harm or not or if something would break nevertheless fortunately I checked out the vehicle as soon as I jumped out and nothing changed into damaged, in pronounce that changed into very lucky.



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