1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull)


(Performed by David Coulthard) 

Q: Valtteri, I own for you. You ogle be pleased you owned the song this weekend. You had been atmosphere the lap times for Hamilton to run. We had the weird and wonderful alternate of you going to the medium tyre at the tip and over again Lewis became real ready to pip you?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, clearly at the tip we made up our minds to head for the medium, in response to real a sense. Previously within the qualifying the medium in actuality felt a little bit quicker than the relaxed and that became the motive and then it became selecting if we attain two timed laps with a frigid-down in between or real one timed lap. With one timed lap that you can contain less gasoline within the automobile but that you can battle with the tyre warm-up. I went with that. It became my decision to head for one timed on myth of it worked in Q2 but it no doubt sounds as if it appears be pleased doing two timed laps for Lewis became better.

Q: With the wait on of hindsight, did you are feeling that on that one timed lap that there became amassed barely bit more you may per chance contain performed or became that every individual that you can earn out of the automobile?

VB: It became a great lap; no longer qualified. It’s been sophisticated right here to earn truly wise laps this weekend, as that’s real the draw the song is. The lap became appropriate. I own someway I’m succesful of also merely amassed contain long past for 2 timed moreover.

Q: Throwing it forward to the following day, soiled aspect of the song for the commence, does that mean you’ll be in a essential more defensive location than attacking?

VB: For particular, it would had been fine to be on the wise aspect in P1, but I will attain whatever I’m succesful of from P2.

Q: Max, well performed. You’re getting attacked by a wasp there but you had been making an try to assault the Mercedes. It became gorgeous shut, so are you reasonably happy on this circuit how shut you earn the lap times in quali?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, I own your total weekend already… This song with the unique tarmac within the within the intervening time it’s rather sophisticated to elevate the tyres in, so it’s a little hit and miss. I’m sufficient with Q3, the lap itself became gorgeous decent – real very sophisticated to earn the entrance tyres and the rear tyres to compare. Again P3, no longer too a ways within the support of and amassed lots to play for the following day, so hopefully we are succesful of preserve shut.

Q: Gorgeous aspect of the grid and we know that goes to compromise Valtteri barely bit off the commence. An inexpensive bustle down into Flip 1 but it no doubt’s no longer truly a huge overtaking corner?

MV: Yeah, precisely, I own Flip 1 is no longer truly a location to dive or whatever…

Q: You tried that already in free notice!

MV: Ha, ha! It became no longer the map of route. The commence goes to be necessary but even then we don’t contain rather a few files about how the tyres are going to delay, so we’ll real feel our draw into the streak and ogle what’s going to happen.

Q: Lewis, fine to contain a crowd right here for you to wave at for these kinds of races. A couple of British flags up there. Your 97th pole location?

LH: Ah, it’s fabulous. You’ve bought the British flag right here, the African flag, the South African flag. I’m succesful of’t repeat you the arrangement in which exhausting that became this day. Yes, we’ve bought a fine automobile but you’ve bought to pressure the nuts off it to pull out a lap and Valtteri has been so rapid this weekend. As you’ve viewed, he’s topped every session. So I’ve real been digging and digging and digging to search out that point past regulation. On the tip there I selected to attain three laps, to supply me a gamble to contain a stab at beating his time. I own he made up our minds to attain one, so I became be pleased ‘OK, this would per chance provide me a risk’ and it worked. That final lap it bought better and better as I went through it.

Q: It’s fine of you to recognise what a formidable job Valtteri’s been doing, all twelve months in qualifying in actuality, and he’s rueing the incontrovertible fact that he made up our minds to attain one timed lap. Who drives that decision? Modified into as soon as that one thing that you pushed with your engineer to protest ‘ogle, guys, I could like these three laps’?

LH: Yeah, the group had been speaking very well with us they veritably gave us the option most continuously, to both of us. We had the choice of going on to the relaxed or the medium and we both selected to head to the medium. He selected to attain one lap and I selected to attain three, as we had the time, and I purchased accessible fine and early. The tyres are very exhausting right here this weekend, we’ve bought the toughest of the compounds and getting them to work right here, think it or no longer, it’s very, very sophisticated. So as that’s why I wished to contain an additional bustle, real in case the principle one wasn’t that groovy and it worked completely.

Q: Simply a note on this circuit: of your total pole positions you’ve had, how appropriate became this to pressure?

LH: Oh God, it’s exhausting core. It’s a truly, truly exhausting core circuit. I’m particular you’ve been round it per chance, but there are locations where that you can’t ogle where you’re going. You’re taking a ogle at the sky for classes of time. Thought your braking draw, there don’t seem to be any references for these that’re taking a ogle at the sky. It truly is one among the most no longer easy circuits I’ve been too. The outside is uncommon. I don’t know if the followers know but every surface naturally is varied that we drag to. Here’s a truly closed, very refined surface and it doesn’t work the tyres linked to Barcelona let’s remark. So, that’s made it extremely no longer easy to earn no longer entirely the entrance tyres in but the rears in. We’ve had times in free notice where the entrance tyres are working but the rears weren’t and we’ve had times where no longer one among the tyres are working, so this day has been better but the group has real persevered to withhold their heads down and save an comely job so a huge, huge thanks to them.


Q: Lewis, you had to combat for that one but within the tip a huge closing lap in Q3.

LH: Wisely, it’s continuously a combat but I could remark this song combined with… the smoothness of the song, the be troubled that we contain with these tyres and the combat that I’m having with Valtteri is making it more difficult and more difficult for me every weekend. He’s been quickest all weekend this weekend, for the duration of notice and even into some of this session. I didn’t know whether or no longer or no longer I became going to earn a lap that will be ready to compete alongside with his – I became continuously off a tenth or half of a tenth or whatever it is – but the choice I took at the tip became what created the different. We had been both given the different to do away with from the relaxed and the medium tyre, which is kind of counter-intuitive, with regards to going to the medium, on myth of most continuously we real stick with it the relaxed at some stage in Q3. Nevertheless the postulate of getting an additional lap, an additional probability, an additional stab at getting pole appeared appropriate to me so I selected to head that additional lap and I own Valtteri selected the one, but he amassed did a fine job and it became very, very sophisticated and I had to dig very deep. Luckily I own I purchased the final sector real about real but amassed it became so shut.

Q: Modified into as soon as the song bettering at some stage in qualifying? Modified into as soon as that one among the explanations why you selected to attain two laps?

LH: No, it doesn’t feel be pleased there is any song ramp on this song. I don’t know if the rubber goes down in any appreciate. It’s gorgeous great felt the same at some stage within the weekend, which with regards to grip is no longer appropriate! Nevertheless the song is vivid to pressure. It’s real extremely slippery, despite the incontrovertible fact that we contain all this downforce. These tyres don’t be pleased it right here that’s for particular. The medium appeared sturdy. Valtteri did a fine job in Q2 alongside with his medium. He appeared very rapid, in particular within the middle sector. The foremost lap wasn’t that appropriate on that tyre. Luckily the temperatures had been real real for the 2nd lap and that became where I became ready to create the variation.

Q: Valtteri, coming to you. As soon as over again, so shut to pole location. Talk us through over over again, for these that would, real the choice to attain the one timed lap at the tip of Q3.

VB: Yeah, the principle decision became clearly which tyre we drag, but in response to what I felt forward of in Q2, I felt be pleased the Medium became in actuality a little bit better than the At ease tyre over your total timed lap, so went for the Medium and then it became about doing one or two timed. Obviously the wait on going of going for one, that you can gasoline for real one timed; for these that attain two laps it be essential to gasoline for 2 laps, which is more weight, so in response to what I felt in Q2 – and it became a appropriate feeling with the tyres on a single lap – I went for it over again in Q3. In a roundabout arrangement it became the flawed decision but I own per chance the song temp – I don’t know – dropped a little or I real couldn’t earn the tyres to feel rather linked to they felt in Q2. On the tip of that lap I became real hoping I’m succesful of contain yet some other lap but clearly didn’t contain the gasoline. Atrocious call from my aspect and it is tense for particular but Lewis did a appropriate job at the tip.

Q: You’ve been rapid all weekend, fastest within the your total notice classes. Simply give us your thoughts on the song and per chance real repeat us how like a flash you bought in management, and why you are feeling rather so at dwelling right here?

VB: It’s a truly fine song. It’s a little varied to many other locations, real for the elevation and the blindness of some corners. It’s real constantly up and down truly, and some gorgeous frigid corners. It’s nothing unique truly to contain a song that no-one truly has any journey of. We’ve had that this twelve months and may per chance merely contain that over again next weekend. It’s real truly the in fashion process of taking a ogle at the principle points and going step-by-step. As much as now it became a appropriate weekend till the qualifying but clearly the following day is the day that counts.

Q: Coming to you now Max, can you real sum-up quali for us, and your tyre choices, the conundrum you had at the tip of Q3: At ease versus Medium?

MV: For us it became very straightforward. We real committed to Softs for your total of qualifying. Nevertheless I own already your total weekend has been truly sophisticated with getting the tyres to work and moreover that I own it’s no longer entirely tyres but additionally the tarmac is also very slippery. Only 1 line that you can beget but total amassed appropriate, of route, to be third but complex at some stage in qualifying. Did my fastest lap time in Q1 and after that I couldn’t replicate it real on myth of I didn’t contain the same grip. Obviously, the time runs down in Q2 and Q3, you’ve got even less time to attain your laps and it real appeared be pleased it became a little more sophisticated for us to earn the tyres in, let’s remark, the next window, despite the incontrovertible fact that I own in Q3, when put next with Q2, it felt a little better, let’s remark, on one timed lap. So, on the very first timed lap. So, it became better but no longer… for me no longer in my thought delicious to pressure within the within the intervening time, with the tyres and grip on the song, on myth of, I mean, I became right here in January and I belief it became going to be fabulous to pressure a Components 1 automobile. I mean, the scenery, all the pieces is qualified but the grip we contain… For me in my thought, that you can’t truly push, you’re real riding on ice. It’s a little of a disgrace.

Q: What concerning the tempo of the RB16 relative to the 2 Mercedes. Enact you are feeling you had been as shut right here as you had been at the Nürburgring two weeks within the past?

MV: Wisely, I own yeah, we had been very shut, real a little sophisticated to truly own, over again, the efficiency on myth of of tyres and grip. I own we would like to head to a song over again where we had been riding forward of, y’know, be pleased the outdated couple of years, and ogle where we are – on myth of we contain a little more files there. These more or less events are most continuously hit and miss: most continuously that you can attain them a little better than others but amassed, to be P3 and rather shut to them is a appropriate success, I own.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Demand for the 2 Mercedes drivers. What create of streak are you expecting the following day with this low grip surface – and how happy are you that you’ll be initiating on that Medium tyre you most in fashion at the tip of Q3?

LH: I don’t truly know. I’ve no longer truly spoken to the group about it. I own it’s going to be a truly sophisticated streak, in particular for these that’ve bought the more difficult tyre. It doesn’t truly work for several laps. It’s going to be sharp in the initiating. Obviously we lose barely bit of efficiency to Max and the fellows within the support of on the Softs. The truth is don’t know what to look forward to the following day. It’s speculated to rain the following day. Meaning it’s going to be the toughest day for us all, if it does. Windy and wet, that may in actuality be ice the following day if we contain that. I real own we would like to prepare for all cases. If it is dry, restarts will most likely be truly sophisticated with the tyres, with the scamper that the Safety Automobile goes, which I won’t comment too great on. Yeah, it’s going to be a worldly streak, that’s for particular, since we’ve never been right here moreover.

VB: There’s of route a motive why we good this day with the Mediums so yeah, for particular happy to be on that tyre rather than the At ease. Esteem Lewis acknowledged, we are succesful of’t truly know the arrangement prerequisites are going to be the following day and we haven’t truly performed massively long runs with great data from all tyre compounds, so many unknowns. Hope it’s going to be eventful.

Q: Max, assuming it’s going to be a dry streak the following day, how great of an advantage attain you own you’ll earn before all the pieces and on the hole lap, being on the At ease tyre?

MV: To be appropriate, I contain never any clue within the within the intervening time. I hope it does! I own all tyres of route will most likely be rather sophisticated within the principle lap, for particular the Medium a little more. It’s unheard of, it’s a more difficult tyre, more difficult to warm-up. I bet we real wish to search out out the following day. That’s fine real? Simply lift the stress to the following day.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Traipse) Lewis, you’ve bought an amazing file this season if, even for these that path Valtteri in notice or the commence of qualifying, it’s come appropriate when it matters. Is this real a pure evolution for you, through the weekend and through qualifying, or attain you preserve a little support till it matters in Q3?

LH: It’s a appropriate query. I don’t lie, I don’t contain anything else to masks, I don’t preserve anything else support. I’m constantly… I’ve never in my thought felt that that’s worked. I remember when I became youthful and in decrease classes some folks tried doing that stuff but I remember making an try it when I became in Components 3 or one thing be pleased that and it never ended well in notify that’s never been one thing that became half of my philosophy. It’s be pleased building a wall; you set one brick, the following, the following and you real continue to enhance at some stage in and there’s rather a few labor that goes within the background, making an try to swish-tune, earn the true qualified atmosphere for the brake bias and the diff and the draw you assault every corner. It real doesn’t come simple, so I’ve been pushing all weekend. I most continuously own I’ve been riding very well all weekend. I’ve been truly sufficient with my performances through notice but he’s continuously been at the head and so I truly truly had to real continue to dig and continue to think that I could sooner or later earn there. Yeah, discovering the line and getting the poles, it became a fine feeling naturally on myth of I truly had to work my socks off for it.

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsportmagazin.com) Max and if the Mercedes drivers wish to come support in moreover… It became, for ages, be pleased an unwritten regulation, that the Red Bull is faster in streak tempo than in qualifying tempo and a ways closer to the Mercedes autos. Enact you own, after the changes within the rules that we’ve had a few weeks within the past, that it’s amassed the same and you’re closer in streak tempo than in qualifying tempo?

MV: I bet we’ll entirely uncover if we swap autos as soon as, both drivers, and then we are succesful of compare but I don’t know. I don’t own lots has modified to be appropriate forward of the rule of thumb alternate and now, so no, that’s real a little of a bet but I own that you can clearly ogle that it hasn’t brought us lots closer or additional away. Earlier than the rule of thumb alternate…

LH: What’s going to we desire to swap for?

MV: We swap autos. You drag into mine, I drag into yours then we know the comparability.

LH: Of what?

MV: Of the variation between the autos within the event that they even contain change into faster within the streak when put next with qualifying. I don’t know. Perchance we are succesful of attain be pleased a non-public take a look at day or one thing.

Q: Lewis, attain you are feeling that Red Bull are barely bit closer since the rule of thumb alternate about engine modes?

LH: I don’t own so, from my thought. It’s no longer modified anything else in that appreciate but in qualifying they had a appropriate enhance within the final streak or the one forward of that they veritably’ve been getting closer and closer at some stage within the weekend, so right here is the closest that we’ve been. We’ve no longer developed our automobile or brought any upgrades to our automobile for a little of time now so… but yeah, hopefully it continues on this pattern and we earn closer because the races drag and then when we earn to the streak they are lots closer within the final streak so I became having to severely push to withhold Max at a distance no longer earn into my DRS zone so we are succesful of also merely amassed contain a appropriate streak, in particular within the following six.

Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) Valtteri, I own you posted fastest sector times in all three sectors which gives the entirely time of a 1m 16.4s which makes it two and a half of tenths particular of Lewis. Why attain you own you didn’t area as much as place it correct into a lap and can you real give an explanation for for these that would contain had sufficient gasoline within the automobile for a 2nd quickly lap in the direction of the tip?

VB: It’s a worldly song to place all the pieces together on myth of of how slippery it is and real the draw the song it. It’s so sophisticated to nail every single corner on one lap. I felt the lap at the tip with medium became OK, it became no longer qualified. I hoped for the next lap from my aspect but additionally I felt the grip degree wasn’t rather as a appropriate as what I had in Q2 with the medium tyre. Yeah, at the tip of the lap, I became truly hoping I could contain had more gasoline for yet some other on myth of I knew there may per chance very well be ready to be more to come support. Yeah, the tempo has been there all weekend so for particular it’s tense but that’s the arrangement in which it is.

Q: (Rebecca Clancy – The Occasions) Valtteri, real to follow on from that query. You had been clearly quickest in every session rather than Q3. How gutting is it, or how does it feel for these that are the quickest and then your teammate comes and pips you at the final minute when it truly matters to earn that pole location?

VB: It is a ways tense, it’s very tense after work, but notice classes being at the head, it doesn’t matter, anything else, and rarely I try to re-area the session for me, real point of curiosity on the arrival one and in particular after notice three, we continuously want  to re-area and clearly beget your total learnings that you can from notice and procure a ogle at to attain issues even better so it’s tense that you have got the tempo… it’s tense, that’s the arrangement in which it is but like a flash I forget that, it’s entirely qualifying, the streak is the following day and I know I could per chance contain the scamper.

Q: (Alan Stanley 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley – Reuters) If I could real earn some reaction on the drainage quilt impart, the delay to qualifying. Are you surprised, all of you, that this impart arose, that they hadn’t all been checked beforehand?

LH: No, no longer in any appreciate. I don’t own it’s a be troubled and I own naturally they’ve no longer had a Big Prix right here forward of. Our autos are the most bodily tense on any song. There’s no automobile that may per chance replicate what a Components 1 can attain, no longer even shut, I could remark, presumably, and we didn’t assign somebody in injury’s draw they veritably’ve performed such an comely job, all round, I own, the oldsters who are operating the circuit with the FIA and right here is real a little bit that became a shock. No one anticipated… I don’t own many drivers had been in that… went on that half, entirely Seb became on there. I don’t own I went on that portion so yeah, nothing main.

VB: No, presumably remark that very same.

MV: Yeah, it’s real unfortunate. It will happen, . I own they amassed did a appropriate job to restore this as like a flash as imaginable and naturally it’s about safety so they made particular that it became right and we continue.


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