As Lewis Hamilton ultimately surpassed Michael Schumacher’s file alongside with his 92nd take on the Portuguese Gigantic Prix, the r/Formula1 Editorial Team would exhaust to present the first long invent challenge with a mediate about at how Hamilton conquered what perceived to be an unsurmountable mountain.

In a time out from 2007 to currently, u/flipjj goes over Hamilton’s career, and System 1’s ancient previous of that period, as Hamilton battled for every of his now file atmosphere 92 wins.

On the start, the postulate used to be to submit it as we accept as true with now been doing, as an on a traditional basis post within the sub. As the textual bellow grew and grew, now clocking over 38.000 words, it quickly turned evident that it’d be unreadable as a reddit post, so it is miles equipped as an e-book, the first by the r/Formula1 Editorial Team.

Confidently, this shall be the first of many identical initiatives.

The e book can even be downloaded without cost here:

We hope you’ll be in a position to ride it.

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