Bernd Schneider - Foto: Daimler Media
Bernd Schneider – Photo: Daimler Media

In “AvD Motorsport Magazin” on SPORT1, DTM legend Bernd Schneider assesses Lewis Hamilton’s new record and talks about Michael Schumacher …

“He is the high pilot in the best car at the moment. Regarding the records, however, one also has to say that there are more races today than before. Therefore, Schumacher’s 91 wins are still very high. But I didn’t think that another driver would manage to become seven times world champion or 92 to win victories. (…) If someone sets such records, then he is one of the world’s best drivers. I would like to see him in the same car with Vettel and Verstappen. Then you would really see if he is the best. (…) Schumacher was always an exceptional talent and person for me. He came from a humble background and has dominated every series he started in. In Formula 1, he was the ultimate shooting star. (…) He doesn’t have to have been the best. Senna was perhaps the most focused, but Schumacher had the best overall package, ”said Bernd Schneider.


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