(Motorsport-Total.com) – For RTL the Grand Prix of Portugal was a very special race. Not only was it the 500. Deployment of commentator Heiko Waßer, it was also the last on-site appearance of pit reporter Kai Ebel, whose interviews and, above all, clothing styles have been part of the channel’s Formula 1 reporting in recent years.

Kai Ebel

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For Kai Ebel, the Formula 1 adventure is over for the time being Zoom Receive

Actually that should The race in Imola on the upcoming weekend will be the final point for Ebel, but due to the increasing corona numbers and the resulting tightened travel regulations, the production will not be carried out on site, but in the studio in Cologne.

That’s also the Kai Ebel’s time ended because Formula 1 from 2021 will no longer run on RTL. “An era is coming to an end, that’s a shame,” says Sebastian Vettel. “He’s been doing it for so long now and I think it’s pretty tough for him,” he says, emphasizing: “It’s not just Kai. It’s about everyone who has been part of the RTL group in recent years were. “

To say goodbye to the Newshound, the Cologne private broadcaster was able to achieve another small success. With 4, 000 million viewers one broke the four-million-mark again and Traipse only slightly below the values ​​from the Nürburgring (4.1 million), but above the values ​​from Sotschi and Mugello before that, which could not reach this mark.

The market share was also 24, 4 percent achieve good values ​​again. In the target group of 14 – to 49 – Year-olds switched 980. 000 viewer a (21, 0 percent market share).

Sky, which from 2021 own the exclusive rights in Germany, could in Portimao 480. 000 Pulling followers in front of the television, used to be equivalent to a market share of 2.9 percent. This is the fourth time in five races that one stays below the limit of half a million viewers, which could always be cracked in the early phase.

At ORF this mark was increased by 4. 000 viewers outbid, the market share there was 36 Percent.

A detailed overview of all TV numbers 2020 can be found on our sister site de.motorsport.com.

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