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Whenever you happen to will also very effectively be going to must fight Hamilton then it’ll also as effectively be within the equal fastest automobile, but when Lewis re-indicators for multiple years then Valtteri will indubitably must understanding somewhere else on the grid for his have vanity and motivation

This part of the article stands out to me. It be not the first time that i’ve read this roughly takes and that i pleasurable effect not are conscious of it.

Why? Why would he? Being 2nd by default is healthier than struggling with it out towards 5 assorted drivers for sixth. Bottas is at likelihood of total his profession as one in every of the drivers with basically the most podiums in F1 history. That’s indubitably better than struggling with on the midfield for sixth even while that you just may as well’t beat Hamilton.

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Barrichello basically left Ferrari on his have accord because he knew he couldn’t beat Schumacher in equal tools and desired to are attempting his luck somewhere else.

He did stop up with the handiest automobile in 2009, but as it turns out, he couldn’t beat Button both.

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Bottas currently has 54 podiums, he’s 14th.

7 Senna 80

8 Barrichello 68

9 Coulthard 62

10 Piquet 60

11 Mansell 59

12 Nico Rosberg 57

13 Niki Lauda 54

14 Bottas 54

15 Hakkinen 51


Bottas received 15 podiums ideal yr, 9 this yr, 45 since he joined Mercedes. No doubt Bottas desires to be WDC but even supposing he doesn’t bag it it looks to be (already) indulge in a stable profession to understanding support on.

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The supreme instruct comparison in F1 is to your group mate.

It’s the same reason Ricciardo left Crimson Bull. He’ll exclaim it forever but he saw the writing on the wall that Max used to be faster and handiest improving and that he also had the favour of the group.

Ricciardo can have stayed and received a form of podiums and few wins but it may most likely possibly perhaps have destroyed his repute repeatedly being second. Now he’s at one other group crushing guys indulge in Hulk and Ocon and he looks to be indulge in a seemingly distinguished particular person but again.

It’s not fully loopy to switch off and be the sizable fish within the smaller pond.

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He’ll also prefer a factual form of Wins. I agree with you that exhaust is ridiculous.

If Barrichello had declined being Michaels number 2 he wouldn’t be remembered nearly as unprecedented. Theres no shame in being a host 2 to an all time sizable. Its not as if hes gonna whisk to 1 other group and birth beating Lewis all of a unexpected.

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There is a psychological part to it as effectively. Bottas don’t have gotten to the place he’s on the present time without the deserve to steal above all. And this may perhaps also indubitably spoil him to bag beaten week in week out by Hamilton. This can fabricate him quiz his self-price and it may most likely possibly perhaps indubitably, at this elite level of sport, dent his motivation to be triumphant curious that whatever he does, automobile 44 will frequently be forward. That may perhaps perhaps perhaps basically exhaust its toll on Bottas.

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That’s the place Hamilton differs, even as you have watched him prolonged sufficient he hates second field. He frequently says he races to steal.

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Lewis is a generational talent. Duration.

Martin Brundle is unsuitable in making an announcement so wide ranging: no assorted sport has this kind of excessive barrier to entry and the same propensity to erase the contribution of a bunch of > 500 to glorify pleasurable one particular person.

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Mercedes basically has a bunch of 1500 folks. 1000 folks working on the chassis in Brackley and one other 500 folks working on the engine in Brixworth.

It’s insane how unprecedented manpower and sources they have gotten, no shock they are so dominant. Simplest an incompetent and broken Ferrari group can match their sources.

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Whereas obviously a wide wearing achievement, don’t mediate any F1 epic will also furthermore be when when compared with earlier faculty sports. Its pleasurable so assorted.

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In the post plug press convention, Lewis mentioned that he went a sure course with setup that centered extra on plug toddle vs qualifying. That different explains part of the explanation why Bottas used to be up to now off the toddle from Lewis within the plug, with Lewis’s marvelous tire management abilities also factoring in.

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That’s rather wrong.

It’s a sport that’s 50/50 human and equipment (I’m being very correct here).

How many previous and latest drivers may perhaps perhaps perhaps reach the same achievements in Lewis’ sneakers?

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Verstappen would be unbeaten in a mercedes

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Towards Bottas, sure. Towards Lewis? No.

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