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GIGAKUBICA is the one just correct-attempting GOAT

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I鈥檓 some distance more impressed that he would possibly well pressure a rally car with that hand than an F1 car. So vital more wrestling the wheel.

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Robert Kubica

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Effectively, don’t know when you can well also contain got viewed how depraved FW42 modified into facing, there contain been moments each Kubica a d Russell had to battle the wheel WRC alike 馃檪

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Sebastian Vettel

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Continuously factual to have in mind it took Williams nearly a whole season to obtain him a personalized guidance wheel for his hand.

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Daniel Ricciardo

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His accident will and not utilizing a sign of ending be a disgrace. High Kubica modified into absurdly factual, if truth be told WDC field topic. What would possibly well’ve been….

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Most efficient Polish F1 driver ever.

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Max Verstappen

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He’s been renting a car at Apex lately for some enjoyable on the Nurburgring:


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