(Motorsport-Total.com) – Sebastian Vettel wants a Formula 1 race on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife in the future, but knows: “That will probably never happen.” And blows in the same horn as Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, who considers an Extensive Prix on the legendary track to be utter utopia and in this context describes the Nordschleife as a “relic of the past”.

Nick Heidfeld auf der Nordschleife

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2007 went with Prick Heidfeld a Formula 1 BMW on the Nordschleife Zoom Salvage

“I love the Nordschleife. I love the Nürburgring. And I love the Eifel”, says Wolff in the Interview with ‘Previous the Grid’ . For a Formula 1 race there he sees “no likelihood. The way it is today, that would be far too dangerous. There are no run-off zones and so many bumps and jumps that a Formula 1 car can never drive safely there At least not at full speed. “

” But if you touched the Nordschleife to make it Formula 1 compatible, you would destroy the entire DNA of the track. Let’s just leave it like that The way it is. The Nordschleife is a piece of history, “he thinks.

” GT cars drive there, but even that is very dangerous. We should go to the Nordschleife and drive a normal sports car drive a lap. But please, don’t let united states destroy the last cult route, “demands Wolff.

A demand that is heard by the route operators. Nürburgring press spokesman Alexander Gerhard recently

interview with ‘Motorsport-Total.com’ declares that the dream of Formula 1 continues to live on the Nordschleife – but at the same time it is absolutely clear that the character of the cult route must not be changed for this.

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And that’s where it gets difficult, says Wolff: “You’d have to re-asphalt the whole route. You’d have to level away the hills and compressions, because a modern Formula 1 Car cannot drive over such waves at 200 km / h over such waves. It would just fly away. There are 27 curves in which one would have to make run-off zones because they are so fast. That is totally unrealistic. “

” The attraction of the Nordschleife is that it is dangerous, “Wolff knows – from his own experience: 2009 he built the old one while trying to drive a Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Formula 1 record by Niki Lauda z u undercut, a serious accident. Among other things, he suffered vertebral fractures and a concussion.

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Nevertheless, Wolff raves about the “Green Hell”, because: “That is exactly what makes the Nordschleife so attractive From: If you want to go fast there, you have to be up to date in every respect. “

” Anyone who has driven the Nordschleife at high speed will tell you that you are not there can be completely free of fear. Anyone who has ever 19 -Hour race will tell you that in the night It’s bloody scary to hit the gas pedal when it’s raining and foggy. That’s what makes the race. “

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Used to be is what remains is the memory – and a dream that will probably never become reality. “The Nordschleife,” says Sebastian Vettel when asked which routes he would like to see on the Formula 1 calendar if he could, “is the obvious answer. But that will probably never happen.”

But: “Macau would be great. There are a couple of tracks that are really great, but Formula 1 has never driven. Bathurst in Australia would be amazing with our cars. I don’t know if you can manage all the corners – but you would really fly there! I’m sure that there are some routes around the world that would be really fun. “

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