(Motorsport-Total.com) – After Sochi and most recently Portimao , Imola also had the belief , a fixed number of To let spectators on the track. But in view of the increasing number of infections, nothing will come of it.


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As the formula 1 2006 drove for the last time in Imola, the rush was great Zoom Download

The route operator had received approval last month, 13. 000 sell tickets and set up VIP hospitality for local sponsors and guests of the regional authorities . This week, however, a decree from Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s office ordered a series of new corona measures.

These provide for stricter action against crowds at events. In addition, the closure of restaurants and cafes after 15 Clock assigned for the whole country.

No exception for Formula 1

Efforts by the Governor of the Field Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, to get an exception for the race failed. “The government has banned usaFans, and we are very disappointed about it,” said Imola boss Uberto Selvatico Estense in an interview with ‘Motorsport-Total.com’.

“We also very much regret them Inconvenience caused by this decision. The Governor of Emilia-Romagna spoke to the Minister of Health today, but they refused to waive the decree. “

Onboard: One round in Imola

Ferrari driver Marc Gene in the F 2006 from the Formula 1 season 2007 and with the cockpit perspective for a flying lap in Imola

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Imola had put forward detailed plans to ensure effective social distancing through the distribution of fans in the stands. After the green light was given, money was already poured into the necessary preparations.

Track manager: Everything was done last week good sufficient

Not all of the 13. 000 offered tickets have been sold. But in Imola the rush was assumed to be delayed because people were still holding back in the event of a cancellation or some kind of work of restricting the number of spectators. But exactly this restriction has now occurred.

“It is not easy to explain to the fans that the government changed their minds in a very short time, because they only confirmed it a week ago that we can have fans, “says Selvatico Estense. “Moreover, we continued with the whole organization, with all the things that we had prepared.”

The U-turn just four days before the event not only cost a lot of money, but Imola boss fears that the route operator is also in need of explanations.

Concern about incomprehension among the fans with Mark

“It is a very short time to tell people that it is not possible to attend the event. (… We are sure to have some trouble with people who will try to get in anyway. They bought a ticket and don’t understand why they are now being excluded. “

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A Formula 1 spokesman emphasized to ‘Motorsport-Total.com’: “We had hoped to be able to welcome fans to the race this weekend, but we fully understand and respect the decision of the authorities. We hope, that our fans continue to enjoy the race from home. “

In addition to Imola, Turkey recently had to revise its plans, up to 100. 000 to let spectators on the track , buried. The race on 15. November will take place behind closed doors. At the Eifel GP at the Nürburgring, spectators from certain areas were only allowed with negative test results.

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