(Motorsport-Complete.com) – He speaks in the plural and in the past. And it sounds like this with Kevin Magnussen: “I had options to stay in Formula 1.” And that gives the impression that these possibilities no longer exist because the cockpits in question have been assigned elsewhere. Well-known suggestions are not mentioned by Magnussen.

Kevin Magnussen

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He speaks only from “Options that are no longer available”, ( Overview: Which cockpits for 2021 are still available! ) asserts on the other hand, how much he misses playing a leading role in a championship. “The latter is very important for my future plans,” he says.

“I just miss winning races. In the future I want to be in a location where I can be fast again and win races and titles, “he explains. For example 2010 in the German Formula 3, which he decided as third, or 2011 in the British formula 3 with second place or 2013 in Formula Renault 3.5, in which he achieved the overall victory.

Magnussen: Interest in non-Formula 1 projects

In Formula 1 he has not been able to build on this luxury in over a hundred races for McLaren, Renault and Haas. And now Magnussen says: “I don’t want to stay in Formula 1 at any cost. I also want to advance my career, make progress.”

“The bottom line is I’ve been in the Formula One for seven years Formula 1, on the hunt for success. And I want to keep going, not going backwards. ” That is why he also deals with offers from outside the Mountainous Prix scene, “which also sounded interesting”. But here too: no well-known suggestions.

Would he be satisfied with the role of substitute driver in order to be able to continue to be active in Formula 1? “It depends,” says Magnussen. “I don’t know.”

Steiner: Magnussen has Formula 1 layout

“I’ve already had a replacement driver. 2015 I didn’t race when I was the reservist at McLaren battle. That was tough. As a racing driver, after all, I want to race. And I have to race to be motivated and to be happy. That has moreover priority to find a competitive cockpit somewhere. “

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Haas -Team boss Günther Steiner, who does not want to employ Magnussen 2020, keeps the Dane “Absolutely” suitable for Formula 1 and means: “I think he’s good enough.” And Magnussen has also “matured enormously” over the past four years at Haas.

Steiner justifies this as follows: “In the first two years, there were these symptoms after he had suffered twice from Teams have been fired. He was always a bit nervous. He has become much calmer. If something happens, it doesn’t easily unbalance him. “

Grosjean: Test driver yes, no, maybe?

Why Magnussen In the end, you might end up without Formula 1 employment, this is not due to a lack of abilities, but to the small number of Formula 1 cockpits.

The latter must also be Magnussen’s team-mate Romain Grosjean experienced. He says he “doesn’t rule out” taking a job as a Formula 1 test driver. “It wouldn’t be my preferred variant, but the current one Arena you could get a probability of a race, depending on the physique of workers, even if you are a substitute driver. “

” It is moreover not a no on my part, “says Grosjean.” I would have to but think about it a long time. I was already battling 620 and found it difficult to drive to the racetrack without being able to compete there. I chronicle moreover neither no nor yes. “

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