(Motorsport-Total.com) – “What a beautiful place,” says Lewis Hamilton of Imola. On the one hand. On the other hand, the current world championship leader in Formula 1 believes: “I’m pretty sure we’ll see a pretty boring race tomorrow.” ( All Formula 1 races 2006 in the free live ticker follow! ) But where does Hamilton get this certainty?

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After the

qualifying at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Hamilton explained: “You can overtake on the long straight, but it’s pretty tight and you can’t stay tuned. And from turn 1 it becomes a procession. Otherwise there is no more overtaking point. “

If you manage to follow another vehicle very closely, you will have the opportunity to attempt an overtaking with DRS” hopefully before Turn 1 “, says Hamilton. He warns: “To really have a probability, you have to be about two seconds faster than the car in front of you.” And he doubts that there will be such differences in the race.

Drivers express their enthusiasm about the route

From a Mercedes point of view, a tight stout prix can be expected. “[Red Bull] looks very strong in racing trim,” says Hamilton. In the Qualifying but Max Verstappen was more than 0.5 seconds behind Pole-man Valtteri Bottas and Hamilton as third.

Nico Rosberg explains the route in Imola

Since 2006 the formula 1 is no longer drove in Imola, now Nico Rosberg explains the special features of the traditional route More Formula 1 movies

On the other hand, Verstappen had fun in the car and raves: “The track is pretty cool. It’s a pleasure to drive here. At first I thought it might be a bit too tight for our cars, but it fits. “

Bottas is also enthusiastic about Imola.” I enjoy this track “says the pole-setter.” When you are here at full throttle, it’s wonderful. “

Hamilton: You don’t build such routes anymore

This is how Hamilton feels: “The Route is amazing. The speed we are putting on this route is just as incredible. Such routes are no longer built today. I have no idea why today’s generation no longer builds so used to be. “

Photos: Stout Prix of Emilia-Romagna

Imola is just a “classic” among the racetracks, “and of course it also has history,” says Hamilton. “And then this course is also in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy.”

What happens on Sunday under the autumn sun of Emilia-Romagna? Bottas at least believes in a hot start phase. “The approach to turn 1 is one of the longest in the entire calendar,” he explains. “Plus no doubt: Lewis and Max will chase me. “

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