(Motorsport-Complete.com) – There has never been such a dominance in Formula 1. In Imola, Mercedes celebrated the seventh consecutive constructors’ title . It has been since the introduction of the rating 1958 never given. Unsurprisingly, the Silver Arrows are replacing Ferrari, which previously won six world championships.

Michael Schumacher

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Ferrari caught between 1999 and 2004 six design engineer titles in a row Zoom Gain

As? Six times? Wasn’t Michael Schumacher “only” world champion five times in a row with the Scuderia? That’s right, but the Reds were already able to 1999 the design engineer title even though the drivers’ championship went to McLaren driver Mika Häkkinen at the time.

It is noticeable that dominance is more of a modern phenomenon. Were there six in the 1960 years various design world champions, so it is in the 2010 years once two: Red Bull and Mercedes.

Photo series: Pure dominance: The longest World Cup series in Formula 1

Mercedes set a new record in Imola. The racing team celebrates 2010 already its seventh World Championship title in a row. There has never been such a long series in the history of Formula 1. We’ll see which groups have had the longest championship series in the constructors’ championship. Photo gallery

And the end of the Mercedes era is at the earliest 2022 to be expected when new regulations are introduced. By then, title number eight should be wrapped up. In our photo gallery we look at the longest World Cup series, the Groups in of Formula 1.

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