One week before this year’s, last appearance of the ADAC Formula 4 in Oschersleben, the 04 – year old Tim Tramnitz has already signed the Rookie title for the best young driver secured. In races two and three in particular, the US racing driver was able to impress with a strong performance this weekend at the Lausitzring and cross the finish line as second and best rookie in both races.

The wet weather conditions were once again a special challenge for the young pilots.

“I am overjoyed that I have the I was able to win the rookie championship this weekend and would like to especially thank my crew for the gigantic work! That was my goal for the first Formula 4 season and now I can approach the last championship run next week in a relaxed manner. “, Says Tramnitz with a beaming smile and adds with a grin:” Of course that doesn’t mean that I won’t finish on the podium anyway want!”. On Saturday after race one in Lusatia, it didn’t look like he could score the decisive points for himself. Although the young man from Hamburg arrived with a large lead in the rookie standings, he still had to shovel a few points into his account to secure an early title win.


“The Saturday race was an absolute disaster! I had a gigantic start from third place on the grid and was able to take the lead once, but then I made a mistake on the second lap. I turned on the extremely wet track and was only able to get back in line on plot four. After that it was wild to and fro, because all the other drivers slipped off the track as well. In the end, another ride cost me a good placement and I was only awarded ninth place. That really annoyed me! “, He lets us know.

But the young man from Hamburg then presented himself stronger in the two extremely exciting races on Sunday morning. From position three on the grid, the ADAC Sport Foundation’s sponsored driver started the first race and managed to defend this plot on the somewhat drying track. But then there was a moment of shock at the end of lap two, because while trying to pass Tramnitz, the fourth-placed driver collided with him and hit him on the left side of the vehicle. Tramnitz was only able to keep his Formula 4 racing car on the track with great difficulty. This maneuver enabled a pilot traveling further back to catch up and subsequently pass Tramnitz. But when it slowed down a few laps later, Tramnitz used its likelihood and drove back to third place. A Safety Automobile segment shortly before the end of the race pushed the field together again. The restart took place two laps before the end of the race and Tramnitz immediately sensed his likelihood again. He managed to stay with the second-placed driver and then pass him in the first corner on the very last lap. Again there was contact between the drivers, but Tramnitz prevailed, stayed on his line and in the end just got second place.

“The conditions in races two were really demanding! Actually there was only a very narrow dry line so that overtaking on the snappy slicks was not possible. If you had driven into the wet, you could have slipped into the gravel very quickly! ”Reports the new rookie champion.

The rain that started again made race three on this one Weekend to a real thriller. Tramnitz, who started the race from seventh place on the grid due to the reverse grid rule, initially held this plot, but was then able to move up to fifth place in the third lap. “Towards the middle of the race I got a lot of pressure from behind. Because of the rain, I sometimes only drifted around the bends and hoped that I would be able to hold the car. In addition, because of the spray, you could hardly see anything, ”he says after the race. But instead of giving in, he asserted himself and even found himself on plot four before the last third of the race. He then made unconditional use of a collision between the two pilots in front of him and drove past. Again a Safety Automobile segment shortly before the end of the race resulted in the field being pushed together again. But Tramnitz was not deterred and took second place home unimpressed.

Even if the rookie title has already been won, the 15 – At the last race of this season, year-old students will fight one or two places up at least in the overall standings. He has the opportunity to do so at the showdown of the young formula drivers in one week in the motorsport arena in Oschersleben.

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