Hello all, I’m sharing this put up as we order with the neighborhood here to secure your realizing and comments about a belief I had. I’m a trot engineer for GT3 racing cars and touring cars and am furthermore the son of an ex-F1 driver. I’d are seeking to take hang of if there would curiosity in an web set aside of abode/youtube channel that studies on formula 1 races from the perspective of a trot engineer with swear specifically inspecting team ways, setups, free prepare tempo, programs etc. I truly had been doing all these items for myself within the previous and fetch beneath no cases shared my analyses. Let me know if it’s one thing you want to experience and whenever you want to fetch any solutions on swear you want to are seeking to take a look at. I furthermore belief to stop some video sharing of approach of a trot weekend in GT3 and touring automobile racing and various trot engineering tutorial videos to just like the game better as a complete from a technical standpoint.

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