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Photo: ADAC

This duel shaped the whole season, now it stands at the finals in Oschersleben (November 6th to 8th) before the climax. Jonny Edgar (16, England) against Jak Crawford (15, USA), two Red Bull Juniors, two Van Amersfoort drivers in the race for the title in ADAC Formula 4.Edgar is leading the table and given a lead of 23 Points as a favorite in this last one Race weekend of the year, but Crawford hasn’t given up a long way.

So everything is ready for an exciting finale of the sixth season of the ADAC high-speed school. The title decision in Oschersleben takes place in accordance with the applicable requirements without the participation of spectators according to an infection protection concept developed by the ADAC GT Masters and approved by the authorities. SPORT1 broadcasts the races of the high-speed school on TV, they can be seen online in the live stream at SPORT1.de, YouTube.com/adac, the ADAC Formula 4 Facebook page and on adac.de/motorsport.

“I try to give my best in all three races and then the championship is decided by Jonny’s results,” says Crawford, who feels comfortable in the role of the challenger. He can go into the decision-making process without great pressure and get off to a free start. In addition, the shape curve speaks for the Texan: Two of the past four races has the 15 – Won yearlings, while Edgar did not win at the Lausitzring last weekend and achieved weaker results for the first time this season.

Nevertheless, Edgar has the title decision in his own hands: He also knows, however, that he cannot afford to make any major blunders. “I don’t have to fight too hard. As long as I’m in front of Jak or right behind him, everything is fine,” is his motto: “I hope for a good weekend and I really want to bring the title home.” If Edgar brings home the title, in the sixth year of ADAC Formula 4 he will be the fifth driver to win the first race of the season and later the championship. Only 2019 it was different when Theo Pourchaire won the title. But the first race of the season was won by the Brazilian Gianluca Petecof.

With their strong performances, Edgar and Crawford also ensured that Van Amersfoort Racing won the first title in the team classification can hardly be taken at all. The Dutch can only be intercepted by US Racing in extremely theoretical terms. But also the Kerpeners who 2018 and 2019 each had won the title hat-trick, already had reason to cheer. Tim Tramnitz, supported by the ADAC Sports Foundation (15, Hamburg) already secured the title in the rookie classification last weekend.

In the overall ranking, the hamburger takes Fifth place, the best-placed US Racing driver is Elias Seppänen (17, Finland), who mathematically also has a likelihood of the championship. Given a backlog of 47 points At the top of the table, Seppänen has to rely on the two Van Amersfoort drivers to slip up. Ideally, on a weekend with three wins 75 To get points.


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