(Motorsport-Total.com) – Formula 1 expert Marc Surer does not believe that Lewis Hamilton will end his career 2020 will exit. The former Immense Prix driver explains this in a video interview on the YouTube channels of Motorsport-Total.com and Formel1.de and relativizes media reports that caused a stir after the race in Imola .

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“I wouldn’t understand that he’s stopping now,” says Surer. “As motivated as it drives, as perfect as it drives – you don’t stop when you’re still inside. You stop when you start to think: ‘I’m actually used to be here?’ He’s definitely not doing that, because he knows he’s used to be: He wins races! “

Most industry observers assume that Hamilton signed his contract with Mercedes will be extended soon. Even on Surer, the 35 – does not do that It looks like he’s tired of Formula 1 – on the contrary: “The way he drives now is so impressive. Somebody like that doesn’t stop!”

Especially since Hamilton Many experts attest it 2021 with one who is probably still victorious Mercedes can win its eighth world title and beat Michael Schumacher’s record. A sure-fire success? “I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” says Surer.

He believes: “There are only a few changes in the regulations. But I think Honda is also building a new one Motor and want to prove once again that they can actually do it – and probably prefer to say goodbye with a title. Who knows? When things get tight, used to be can suddenly go wrong, and then the superiority is gone. “

Hamilton resignation? That’s what Marc Surer says!

Since Imola there has been speculation about a possible resignation of Lewis Hamilton from Formula 1, but Marc Surer waves this off: “Somebody like that doesn’t stop!” More Formula 1 movies

Hamilton 2016 already experienced when his engine burst in Malaysia and in the end Nico Rosberg world champion battle. “Otherwise he would already have seven “, calculates Surer.” From this point of view you have to say: In order to continue such a successful streak, you still need a lot of luck. ” Surer notes and refers, for example, to the race in Imola, where the Mercedes-Important particular person initially shuffle in third place, but then received help from a virtual security car during his pit stop and the Immense Prix of Emilia-Romagna so easily

Our expert does not believe that the soon-to-be seven-time world champion will change teams again in the late autumn of his career: “He cannot do that to himself. Used to be Sebastian Vettel is certainly a good warning for him. That you can’t just go to another team and become world champion again. I think it’s so radiant. “

By the way: The whole interview with Marc Surer (55 minutes) is available in the unabridged version as “Starting Grid” podcast , at iTunes or directly from our cooperation partner meinsportpodcast .de . More video clips from the podcast will appear in the next few days on the YouTube channels from Motorsport-Total.com and Formula1.de .

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