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You forgot to add USA on that list too…

It is likely you’ll per chance maybe no longer be exclusive for people who request for a explicit/no reply. So i am going to ellaborate on this

No longer one in every of the countries you mention in actuality require ladies to breeze back and forth with males, because they are no longer allowed to possess passports except they breeze back and forth with male relatives.

Then now we possess the militia operations against Houthi forces in Yemen, torture and assassinate of journalists and various critics of the country even out of doorways Saudi Arabia (rember Jamal Khashoggi?), there could be no written penal code within the country but they put into effect brutal sharia law because the nationwide law.

There are such so much of extra components which shall be serious, but you can’t compare Saudi Arabia to neither Turkey, Russia or China, even for people who are correct, they too are borderline. Buy a peek at this article to bag out about what makes Saudi Arabia so special in a inferior draw.

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