(Motorsport-Total.com) – Romain Grosjean was the first Formula 1 driver to admit that he sought psychological help . After his suspension after his accident in Spa-Francorchamps 2012, the Frenchman was in a crisis and found his way out of the hole through a mental trainer. Eight years later he still works with him and thinks: That helps everyone!

Romain Grosjean

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Grosjean pulled himself out of the swamp with psychological help Zoom Download

“It just helps you to become a better person, a better father, a better husband and of course a better Formula 1 driver,” says the outgoing Haas pilot.

He himself always needs some kind of switch to do something different. “And in that regard, Spa 2012 was the switch,” says Grosjean. The Frenchman matured as a driver and was able to achieve a total of ten podium positions with Lotus. “I’m glad I was able to continue doing the work.”

As a father of three, husband and as a Formula 1 driver, he has faced some difficulties since then. “And just managing these challenges better really helps,” he says. “I really believe that a psychologist can be very helpful for athletes and also in everyday life – simply because life in general is a challenge.”

Above all 2020 have shown with Corona and the permanent isolation how difficult it can be. “I think everyone has 2020 had some interesting times,” said Grosjean.

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