Dramatic turnaround in the ADAC Formula 4 title race: The American Jak Crawford (15, Van Amersfoort Racing) has at the season finale in Oschersleben, after a tough fight with his team-mate Jonny Edgar (, England), he clinched his fifth win of the season and took the lead from Edgar .

In the first of three runs of the weekend there was contact between the two Purple Bull Juniors in the final phase of the race, which led to a puncture for Edgar and the British to one Pit stop forced. Edgar remained without points, giving Crawford two points ahead of the penultimate race on Sunday (09. 25 clock) goes. The third and possibly decisive run changes on Sunday 09. 55 Clock. SPORT1 broadcasts the ADAC Formula 4 races on TV, they can be seen online at SPORT1.de, adac.de/motorsport, YouTube.com/adac and on the Fb page of ADAC TCR Germany.


As the battle for the driver’s title came to a head, the decision in the team ranking was made . The Dutch racing team Van Amersfoort Racing, which could only be caught theoretically before the weekend, secured victory in the crew championship for the first time after four runner-ups in a row. The crew from Zeewolde replaces the two-time champion US Racing from Kerpen.

The decisive scene of the race and possibly the championship took place a few minutes before the end of the race. Crawford, who had been putting pressure on the leader Edgar throughout the race, sat on the outside lane in front of the triple left turn in the infield and prepared an attack, as he had done several times in previous laps. Edgar wanted to block his teammate, but drove against Crawford’s front wing. Edgar’s right rear tire was damaged, immediately after which the Englishman slowed significantly. Crawford’s front wing was also damaged, but Crawford was able to continue the race.

“We had the same Stride at the start of the race, but its tires then apparently deteriorated more. I was close to him and just had to be patient. I tried something else and had no room in the scene, ”Crawford described the incident. Edgar was clearly disappointed. “I have to watch the scene again. It was only a slight contact, it’s a shame that something like that happened, “he said, but was combative:” It’s still close. We have to see, used to be happening tomorrow. ”

At first everything went according to belief for Edgar. The 16 -year-old started from pole space and defended the lead against Crawford. The American managed the better delivery from second place, but it wasn’t quite enough to take the lead in the first corner. Behind him, Victor Bernier, who started from third place (15, France, R-ace GP), lost two positions to Joshua Dürksen (17, Berlin, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg eV) and Elias Seppänen (17, Finland, US Racing).

As the race progressed, Edgar and Crawford continued to separate themselves from the relaxation of the field, Edgar seemed to be able to control the race. However, the longer the race went on, the greater Crawford’s pressure became. Edgar was able to repel a first attack with a great defensive move, but Crawford stayed on. Again and again the 15 – year-old came out of the Hasseröder curve better and tried his hand at triple in the decisive lap during the subsequent approach -Left curve to be positioned outside.

Edgar lost to Stride directly after contact and escaped to the box, but was passed through to the end of the field. Crawford, for his part, brought home victory with a damaged front wing. Dürksen and Seppänen completed the podium. Bernier was fourth in front of rookie champion Tim Tramnitz (15, Hamburg, US Racing). The two other US racing drivers Vladislav Lomko (14, Russia) and Oliver Bearman (15, England) followed in sixth and seventh place. The other points went to Josef Knopp (16, Czech Republic, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg eV), Kirill Smal (15, Russia, R-ace GP) and the Israeli Roee Meyuhas (20, R-ace GP).

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