(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Lewis Hamilton stands next to his car, the mechanics rush onto his seat. Because something broke? This question arose just before the Imola Nice Prix last weekend. And now Mercedes has clarified: Nothing had to be repaired, but readjusted.

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Lewis Hamilton in front of the delivery up in Imola: Work on his seat in front of him Zoom Download

Andrew Shovlin as chief race engineer says in a Mercedes video: “There are tracks, especially those with a few hills and crests, there is the view not very well. Sometimes the drivers decide they want to sit a little higher. “

” Usually you sit as low as possible to keep the center of gravity low. In Imola, however, Lewis had raised his seat a little for free coaching. He left it that way in qualifying. During his drive to the starting grid, however, he decided to lower the seat again. “

A replacement seat was already jogging ready

Additionally, the Mercedes crew had to get back to the seat shortly before the start of the race. “The boys got Lewis out of the car, pulled out the seat, checked all connections. When Lewis was back in and buckled up, everything lasted for the entire race. “Before that, the construction had wobbled slightly, says Shovlin.

Vettel part cost Bottas 0.8 seconds

Andrew Shovlin explains why Hamilton was allowed to stay out longer in Imola and how much Bottas performance was through the jammed part has lost More Formula 1 videos

But he promises: “It wasn’t a big arena and it certainly looked worse than it actually was. To be on the safe side, however, we had sent someone to the starting grid with a replacement seat – for the tumble that we couldn’t bring everything back to the starting position. “

The Abet-up was not needed: Hamilton contested the entire Nice Prix in Imola without restrictions and won the race.

Mercedes thereby sealed the Triumph in the Formula 1 constructors’ championship 2020 and also winning the driver’s title, because after Imola only Hamilton or his teammate Valtteri Bottas can become world champions.

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